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Recycling Glass, Why Bother?

recycling glass WHY BOTHER? Well, for a start, did you know GLASS IS INFINETELY RECYCLABLE! and it takes LESS ENERGY TO RECYCLE GLASS TÄAN MAKING IT FRON SCRATCA! recycling glass saves E ENERGY AMA 587,000 tonnes of glass recycled in 2001, saved enough energy to launch 10 space missions! Recycling 1 bottle will power a 50-watt light bulb for 2 hours CO2 kg of CO2 is saved for every tonne of glass recycled IKM Provided you take at least two wine bottles and don't drive further than one kilometre, you're saving CO2 RAW NATERIALS For every! tonne 1.2 of recycled tonnes of raw material glass used is saved LANDFILL 14 MILLION glass bottles and jars are needlessly sent to landfill every day (lingering there for centuries) UK glass data WE CAN DO MORE On average, each household in the UK uses 331 glass bottles and jars a year Recycling mixed glass is worth £153 million Glass accounts for 7% of the waste in the average dustbin Annual UK glass 2.7 Million tonnes packaging-waste is 1.6 Million tonnes is recycled 1 Million leaving over tonnes in landfills good for the enviroment GREAT FOR THE ECONONY Recycling glass Reports suggest more than may eventually lead to a lower council tax bill 50,000 In 2009 councils across England spent £620m land-filling waste from homes new UK jobs would be created if 70% of waste collected by councils was recycled here in the UK Jatteson's IGlass Sources:,,

Recycling Glass, Why Bother?

shared by PattesonsGlass on Aug 27
This infographic shows interesting facts all about recycling glass. Read all about the environmental benefits of recycling.


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