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Ramping Up Renewables

RAMPINGS RENEWABLES Energy You Can Count On 24% Wind and solar power provide clean, reliable electricity. 24% Percent of electricity from wind and solar power in 2012 (select states) IOWA 15% SOUTH DAKOTA 14% NORTH DAKOTA 12% MINNESOTA 11% 30% COLORADO 10% IDAHO 19% OREGON DENMARK 15% SPAIN GERMANY 3.6% U.S. TOTAL We can dramatically expand renewable energy. Today's electricity system can handle a significant increase in wind and solar power. What happens when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine? Electricity grid operators use a variety of tools to ensure a reliable electricity supply. 63° 75% 15 MPH 10% MULTIPLE WIND ACCURATE POWER SOURCES FORECASTS The wind doesn't always blow Wind and solar power ouput can be accurately forecasted using detailed weather reports, allowing grid operators to adjust other electricity everywhere, but it's usually blowing somewhere. Drawing electricity from a broad geographic area helps ensure a steady supply of wind power. sources as needed. OTHER A DYNAMIC POWER SOURCES GRID When wind and solar power Electricity grids are designed to handle variability in both supply and demand because no energy source is diminishes, grid operators draw on reserves from other sources, such as hydroelectric power and quick-starting natural gas plants, to fill the gap. perfectly reliable. Even coal and nuclear power plants are susceptible to inter- ruption due to maintenance, equipment failure, or severe weather events. If we make smart investments today, renewable energy can reliably provide 80% of U.S. electricity by 2050. BUILD NEW TRANSMISSION LINES • Connect remote areas with strong wind and solar potential to areas of high electricity demand. • Link regional electricity grids together so wind and solar energy can be delivered greater distances to provide power to a larger geographic area. IMPROVE ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES Invest in the development of technologies to store renewable energy, such as advanced batteries, pumped hydro, and thermal storage. CREATE A SMARTER GRID • Avoid costly spikes in electricity demand by creating incentives for businesses and consumers to use electricity during off-peak hours. • Increase the efficiency of our homes, businesses, and appliances to reduce electricity use. • Make the electricity grid more efficient and reliable by using technologies that quickly adapt to changing conditions in supply and demand. ESTABLISH FORWARD-THINKING POLICIES Set strong state and national standards to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy supplies. © Union of Concerned Scientists 2013;

Ramping Up Renewables

shared by Lemonly on Apr 16
In 2012, 3.6% of electricity came from wind and solar power in the U.S, but we can dramatically expand renewable energy. We got to work with the Union of Concerned Scientists to showcase renewable ene...



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