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Rainforest Facts

RAINFDREST PACTSS DID YOU KNOW...? Although the rainforests have 170,000 of the world's 250,000 known plant species (68%), there are roughly 50 million people also living in the rainforests all over the world; roughly the equivalent population In total Europe has 570 butterfly species spread out through the continent; in comparison the Manu National Park in Peru has a One single hectare, roughly the size of 2 US football fields, can contain as many as 400 different species of trees fotal of 1,300 species of South Korea WHY ARE THE RAINFORESTS Moisture from rainforests in Southeast Asia tends to fall in Southeast Europe IMPORTANT? Moisture generated by the rainforests travels around Rainforests help stabilise the world's climate through the absorption of carbon every part of the world dioxide. When trees are cut down or burned, the gas is then released back into the atmosphere America's Midwest is affected by the forests in the Congo; roughly a distance of 6000 miles Rainforests help mainfain the water cycle, as well as protecting food, they prohibit droughts and help curtail soil erosion Moisture from the Amazon falls as far Interestingly, in the Amazon rainforest, 50-80% of the moisture remains in the away as Texas ecosystem's water cycle COLUNTRIES TO LOSE THE MOST WHY ARE THEY DISAPPEARING? Between 2005 and 2010 BRAZIL at 125,000 km² Agriculture of small and large farms INDONESIA at 35,000 km² Pulp for making paper NIGERIA at 21,000 km² Road construction Extraction of minerals and energy TANZANIA at 20,000 km² The making of fires MYANMAR at 16,000 km² Grazing land for cattle WHAT CAN YOU DO TOHELP? each both children and adults about the importance of the forests Kestore damaged ecosystems by planting new trees in the place of old ones Encourage people to live a greener lifestyle OAK FURNITURE UK SE stablish nature parks so that the land does not get threatened Support and encourage companies that minimise the damage to the forests Here are some useful organisations concerning deforestation 8 OXFAM coolearth ONATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC f t @oakfurnitureco

Rainforest Facts

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Find out how you can help protecting our rainforests with this amazing infographic.


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