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Public Opinion Puts the Planet First for Earth Day

deep dive SodaHead Earth Day 2012 a weekly infographic To celebrate Earth Day, we asked the public about a wide range of environmental topics. Eco-Urgency Most respondents agreed eco-awareness is at least somewhat important, and nearly half think it's urgent. Captain Planet would be proud! 9 15% Not important 10 48% Very 3 important 37% Being eco-friendly is.. Moderately 8 important 4. 92% 86% 82% Recycling.. 66% 62% Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Those three R's have become the battle cry for a cleaner planet, and it's working. 34% Overall Conservatives Liberals .Benefits the environment .Should be mandatory "I recycle...' 38% 37% When possible 19% 7% When convenient Never All the time Going Organic Eating organic means happier animals and fewer synthetic chemicals, though the health benefits are still up for debate. But it does come at a price. Organic is better.. 70% Willing to pay more... 64% 13-17: 18-24: 67% 56% 40% 53% 25-34: 37% 35-44: 37% 45-54: 39% 30% 55-64: 48% 42% 27% 65+: 39% If the Price Is Right Ignoring price, women are more inclined to switch over to hybrid cars. Men would stick with gas-powered. (Hybrids don't roar.) 46% 37% 33%34% 30% 20% GAS HYBRID ELECTRIC SodaHead, 2012 ( Results taken from on April 19, 2012. Vote, comment, and share a SodaHead © 2012 Votes: 836, 984, 719, 957, 771, 889, 740 Male Female Male Female Male Female

Public Opinion Puts the Planet First for Earth Day

shared by SodaHead on Apr 23
Earth Day was first celebrated in San Francisco in 1970 when activist John McConnell suggested it at a UNESCO Conference. It was quickly sanctioned by the United Nations, and has been celebrated every...




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