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The Power Of Green

+ Q-Google THE POWER OF GREEN AMAZING ECO-FACTS ABOUT YOUR LAWN CO2 OF GARDENS IN THE UK HAVE GRASS (14.7 MILLION LAWNS) 680.000 tonnes of CO2 per year are sequestered by UK lawns -1000t BUT THERE IS THE POTENTIAL TO ABSORB 1 MILLION .BASED ON A CAR PRODUCING 330 GRAMS OF CO2 WHICH IS THE SAME AMOUNT OF CO2 PRODUCED BY. TAKING APPROXIMATELY A S 350,000 AAAAAAAAAA CARS OFF THE ROAD A-10,000 OR THAT'S THE SAME AMOUNT OF CO2 PRODUCED BY. ALL THE CARS IN ISLE OF WIGHT DRIVING AROUND THE WORLD TWICE x2 FED LAWNS 88% CO2 83m? OF WELL CARED FOR LAWN Garden lawns help remove carbon dioxide from the atmos phere through photosynthesis and store it as organic carbon in soil, making them important "carbon sinks". CO2 THAN UNFED LAWNS "Grass is faster than most plants, even trees, at removing CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Storage of Carbon in Lawn Soil CO2 CO2 DRY MATTER CO2 LAWNS PRODUCE 2,8 TO 5.8 TONNES OF DRY MATTER PER ACRE YEARLY, WHICH RESULTS IN 0.3 TO 0.6 TONS OF SOIL ORGANIC CARBON. Once stored in the soil carbon sequestered by lawns stays trapped for up to 50 years because lawns are a permanent ground cover and the soils are undisturbed Lawns store carbon as organic humus, which consists of decomposing leaves, stems and especially roots. The average lawn of 190m2" has the potential to absorb 70kg of CO2 per acre per year. 02 02 CO2 An area of lawn about the size of a tennis court will provide enough oxygen for a family of 4 day after day COOLING EFFECT 10 AVERAGE SIZED UK LAWNS HAVE THE SAME COOLING EFFECT AS 21 TONNES OF AIR CONDITIONING 20% =1 tonne SUMMERTIME TEMPERATURES OVER TURF ARE 20% COOLER THAN OVER PAVED AREAS. Н?о 2.240 300 m THAT'S THE EQUIVALENT OF.. ROUGHLY EIGHT BATHTUBS A 300 m? lawn çan absorb 2,240 liters of rainwater 425 m? A 425 M2 LAWN CAN ABSORB THE SAME AMOUNT OF WATER A FAMILY OF 4 WOULD USE IN A WEEK THE POWER OF GREEN HOME LAWNS Green plants use sunlight to combine C02, soil nutrients and water. This process is called photosynthesis and it is essential for plant growth and health. The limiting factors for plant growth are usually water and soil nutrients. Light Energy CO2 Н20 230 30-45 60-90 HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO MOW YOUR LAWN? CALORIES $90 DON'T KNOW Calories burned with mowing lawn (Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Power Mower 306 Riding Mower 170 Walk, Hand Mower L08 Walk, Power Mower 374 Calories Per Hour LAWN TIPS TO INCREASE CARBON STORAGE Mow your lawn high to develop deep roots. A mowing height of at least 3" high allows grass to develop a deep and extensive root system, which is key for storing carbon. Protect lawn roots. If grubs and other insect pests are a problem in your area, use the appropriate garden care products and application timing. Feed your lawn regularly. Regular feeding makes your lawn healthy, creates a thick green canopy anda robust root system. Healthy lawns are better able to tolerate insects, drought, heat and other stresses. Irrigate if needed. Regular feeding leads to a thick green canopy and a robust root system. Healthy lawns are less susceptible to insects, drought and other stresses. Plant lawn grasses best suited to your area. If you see grass blades begin to wilt, it's time to water. Use proper irrigation techniques efficient water use. TMEIMINUTES

The Power Of Green

shared by RiLeigh84 on Jan 06
An infographic for Arena Quantum on behalf of displaying the power of the green effect from gardening on our environment. The first graphic is a 'directors cut' using elements fro...



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