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The Potential Impact of Industrial Hemp

AGRICULTURAL POLITICAL AGRONOMICAL $113 Spend less money on destroying illegal plantations Soil fertility increase - Less reliance on wheat and other oil sources Hemp 2-Increase in crops quantity and quality More supply for food and other domains 2- Less military efforts to eliminate crops $83 « Increase in supply for various uses SOCIAL Chickpeas Better control on More jobs and opportunities for farmers and poor families drug trade 4-Less use of pesticides and insecticides $75 4 Less people in already over-capacitated prisons Income per dunum in South Bekaa in 2008 (UNDP) Barley PAPER CLOTHING Hemp is ... COSMETICS BALMS Less hemp import National products Skin friendly Alternative to imported goods Hemp vs. Trees 3 - Less flammable 3x stronger 3- Hemp oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6, which is good for the skin 4x warmer 85% cellulose 30% cellulose 7x more durable 4- More durable EBANO Long-lasting Shorter life span 5- UV protective IN 1 acre 4 - 10 acres 6 - Hemp produces 10% more fiber amount of paper 00000 than cotton or flax ...than cotton. BIOFUEL & LUBRICANTS CONTRACTING & CONSTRUCTION Hempcrete does not require heating Less reliance on current fuel Less use of cement resources that are all imported at a high price 2- Less pollution from cement factories and on 165 kg of carbon can be sequestered by 1 m3 of hempcrete. 2- National supply construction sites 3- More resistant to moisture and adaptive to climate change 3 - Shift in prices Concrete must be heated at 3000 °F Less pollution CO. 4- Less use of chemicals in construction process WEAKNESSES THREATS OPPORTUNITIES -For most if not all hemp uses 1- Socio-political pressure from market leaders and investors Opportunity for hash farmers to replace crops and legalize activities there needs to be a shift in on the implementation of a Hemp-encouraging policy processing plants and an implementation of a new and different type of environmentally friendly factories There are hundreds of thousands of fertile acres across Lebanon -Short-sighted and demotivated by the long-term process and its expenditures EFFORTS & RESPONSIBILITIES 2-A modern decortication machine Enforcement of penalties and costs about $6 million consumer awareness are essential 3- Lack of separation of Hemp from illegal Cannabis for marketing purposes The revenues for farmers on hemp is dramatically lower than that of hash A market must be developed Fear of and resistance to change within and outside Lebanon SHORTCOMINGS OF INDUSTRIAL HEMP IN LEBANON ADVANTAGES OF INDUSTRIAL HEMP IN LEBANON POSSIBLE HEMP MARKETS IN THE LEBANESE INDUSTRY ............ . THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL HEMP IN LEBANON

The Potential Impact of Industrial Hemp

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