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Polished Concrete: The Green Flooring Solution

POLISHED CONCRETE: The Green Flooring Solution Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring DURABILITY SAFETY AESTHETICS The polishing process turns porous conerete into a dense and NEARLY IMPENETRABLE surface Though it may look glossy, polished concrete is actually LESS SLIPPERY than ordinary concrete Smooth and sleek, polished concrete is OFTEN MISTAKEN FOR MARBLE OR GRANITE As the polishing process removes the top layer of flooring, which may be cracked or damaged, it hardens the newly exposed surface underneath Its safety makes polished concrete ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications Polished concrete is home in high-end retail operations Low Maintenance Polished Concrete vs. Other Flooring Options LIFESPAN MAINTENANCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Does not require waxing, sealing Concrete floors are already present in most buildings Mild cleaners with a neutral No glues required You can polish existing concrete rather than lay a new surface on top At least pH keep it clean 15-20 years Diamond impregnated pads keep the sheen high A re-polish Does not require transport or fabrication of any new materials renews its LEAST AMOUNT OF original luster MAINTENANCE REQUIRED OF ANY FLOORING MATERIAL When it's eventually time for a re-polish, there is LITTLE TO Not vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage NO WASTE PRODUCED Cannot harbor mold, mildew, dustmites, allergens Reflective surface increases ambient lighting by 30%, CUTTING DOWN ON ELECTRIC LIGHTING COSTS Relatively inexpensive installation, but frequent waxing, stripping, and cleaning negate the initial cost savings Partially synthetic materials must be disposed of once the floor wears out The amount of chemical cleaning supplies needed is HARD ON THE 10-15 years Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage ENVIRONMENT CAN HARBOR MOLD, MILDEW, DUSTMITES, ALLERGENS FREQUENT MAINTENANCE required to keep hardwood looking new Even with "sustainable" woods, the materials must be harvested, transported, treated, and installed Needs refinishing every few years Any spills must be cleaned immediately Prone to warping and splitting Needs replacing every Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage 10-15 years Can harbor mold, mildew Frequent vacuuming and shampooing Better than brand new carpet, but still REQUIRES MATERIALS TO BE High-traffic areas show wear quickly PRODUCED, TRANSPORTED, AND INSTALLED Needs replacing every few years Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage. Worn out carpet must be removed and disposed of CAN HARBOR MOLD, MILDEW, DUSTMITES, ALLERGENS Infographic provided by: S PolishedCrete Sources: E-polished-e -conerete.htm -concrete.htm!maintaining-polished-concrete/ez1w9 RECYCLED FIBER CARPET HARDWOOD VINYL COMPOSITION TILE POLISHED CONCRETE

Polished Concrete: The Green Flooring Solution

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Looking to install new floors in your home or business? When choosing the material, consider the durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of the surface. This helpful infographic from PolishedCrete of...




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