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Polar Vortex 2.0 - Winter Wonderland?

POLAR VORTex 2.0 WINTER IS COMING Last winter was one of the most brutal in recorded history. Between the "Polar Vortex" and "Snowpocalypse", much of the country was hit with record cold temperatures and snowfall. Brace yourselves, because it looks like the Polar Vortex might make à frigid return this winter. WHaT IS THE POLar VorTex? ZPOLAR VORTEX JET STREAM While the Polar Vortex seemed to be a new phenomenon last year, it's actually a regular seasonal weather system over the North Pole region. Extremely cold Arctic air gets trapped in a cyclone system Spins west to east in the upper atmosphere Typically stable, the polar vortex can shift or weaken Last year, a large piece of the system split off and plunged south Brought Arctic tempera- tures to lower latitudes in the US So, the bone-chilling "Polar Vortex" that hit the U.S. last winter was really an excursion from a regular cycle typically situated far north of the U.S. Wнат Сauses тне PoLar VORTEX? CHILLING FACTS anD FIGures COLDEST RECORDED WinD CHILL IN 2 TempEraTURE IN InTernaTIonal тнe U.S. esoraחהMI FauLs, 3 (-33°F -55°F Honor goes to: Crane Lake, the self proclaimed "Icebox of the Minnesota Nation" Average Ice cover on 1. Rising sea temperatures melt ice caps in the Barents and Kara seas тне GReaT Lakes TemperaTURE CHICaco חו • Arctic ice cover has decreased up to 40% since the 1970s 2. The ice-free water releases heat 92% energy into the atmosphere 22°F 3. This alters the jet stream, allowing Polar Vortex air to break off The yearly average is around 51% from Dec.-Mar., Scientists believe this pattern will continue as the ice caps continue the coldest to shrink. winter on record Wнат то Еxрест ТнIS FaLL/WInTeR Meteorologists expect an El Nino year, which could lead to heavy storms and affect typical weather systems. NORTHEAST SOUTHEAST • Heavy snowstorms in December and January • Tropical storms potentially stretching into November • Rainy November • Above-average rainfall RoCKies MIDWEST • Areas at 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit below average • Severe cold during January and February • October snow and cold temps • Likely less snowfall than last winter NORTHWEST SOUTHWEST Dry winter with below-average snowfall • Heavy El Nino rains could relieve drought • Warmer than average temps • Potential flooding and mudslides this winter While there are many variables at play in global weather systems, last year showed us how unforgiving Mother Nature can be. The best defense is to make sure your home, vehicles, and wardrobe are prepped for severe weather. Don't get left out in the cold. Dequipsupply day-commute-140-million-Americans-polar-vortex-barrels-half-country-causing-coldest-temperatures-20-years-wind-chill-warnings-Montana-Al abama.html 2015 the_return_of_the_polar_vortex_and_frigid_temperatures.html

Polar Vortex 2.0 - Winter Wonderland?

shared by samisdale on Jan 19
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A few winters ago was one of the coldest on record thanks to the Polar Vortex that enveloped most of America. This year is shaping up to be just as, if not more frigid than last. How is a Polar Vortex...


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