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The Plunder of the Philippine Coral Reefs

Xenn XOnn XOPm PLUNDER OF PHILIPPINE CORAL REEFS ona DOPA en) OPH XOPH bOPH) NoPn XOPH Officially 1OPR DOPn) OPn 4000 OPH OPn) OPH) DOPH XOPA OPEN OPH) OPH) 10P0 OPH) NOPN AOPn eny OPH GPD 409 OPH DOPH) OPH) Xon 4OPn OPH) OPH) OP OP OPH 1ee0 DOPH MOP 16PN XOP OPH) OPH) 1OPH OPH) 1OPn DOPH XOP) DOP XOPH OPH OPP OPH) YOPp OPH Muro-ami fishing employed kids using a net with pounding devices. OPD Blast Fishing was introduced. OPH) OPH) OPH) 1oPn DOPH bOP Cyanide introduced NAD 4en of coral reefs left. OP coral heads destroyed yearly due to cyanide fishing 25% XOP 33 Million 1enn OPH) 4000 DOP of reefs destroyed daily by muro-ami till its ban in 1986, 12% (approx. 70,000). of fishermen used dynamite. 95% 95% suffered coral bleoching. DOPH 4ePn 200,000 Sqm XOPN of reefs XOPH XOPH) COP) OPn) XOPS OED NAPD 1OPn KOPH OPE 4OPH OP OPH) enn 1940 OPn OP) OPH) 1960 1986 1990 1999 2000 Xon) or XOP Nen DOPH) OPH THE PHILIPPINES HAS 2010 DOPH OPn) DOPH OPH 25,000 ePn SQ. KILOMETERS OF CORAL REEFS. AAD OPH) DOPH) 409 OPE XOPA KOPH) XOPH OPH OPH) XOPH OPR Den pe 4OP\ DOPA) Xopp DOPH) XOPH) OPH) OPH) OPH) DOPH) XOPp 40r0 Aep) Den AOPN 1OP DOPH DOPH 100 Only 4% of rof re in excellent condition.

The Plunder of the Philippine Coral Reefs

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In this life, I was given feet instead of fins, so I became what most people refer to as an “environmentalist.” Every time I have the opportunity to talk about the environment in a school, communi...


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