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The Plastic Water Bottle Effect

THE PLASTIC WATER « BOTTLE EFFECT WHAT ARE THEY MADE OF? SINGLE-USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES ? High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE, recycling code 2) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE, recycling code 1) VS. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE, recycling code 4) 5 gallon bottles: Polycarbonate (PC, recycling code 7) Polypropylene (PP, recycling code 5) Polycarbonate (PC, recycling code 7) (PET OR PETE) Generally regarded as safe however, they should not be reused because of the potential for bacterial contamination. (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), AND 5 (POLYPROPYLENE) Generally regarded as safe. (PVc) AND 6 (STYRENE) Usually not used in water bottles but can be found in other food and beverage containers. Products with this code should be avoided. POLUCARBONATE Plastics usually contain polycarbonate and BPA and should be avoided. BISPHENOL A (BPA) * Chemical used to make plastics hard and clear and is found in polycarbonate plastics. FOUND IN: medical devices, CDs, impact-resistant safety equipment, medical devices, water bottles, baby bottles, tableware, food storage containers. Expoy resins coat food cans, bottle tops, and supply pipes. Plastics that have a recycle code of 3 or 7 may contain BPA. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS 1 LITER 6.74 GALLONS Of water are used in the production and transportation of a 1-LITER WATER BOTTLE. of fossil fuel is used in the production and transportation of one plastic bottle and emits 1.2 lb. of greenhouse gasses. 37,800 90% of all trash on the ocean surface is plastics with 46,000 PIECES per square mile. Each week, nearly 37,800 18-wheelers are on the road delivering water throughout the U.S. emitting harmful pollutants into the air." 800,000 More than metric tons of pollutants are released into the air 17 MIL. *************** barrels of oil alone are oIL JOIL JOILJOILJOILJOIL during production of plastic water bottles. used every year to produce plastic fonjon jou jou jon bottles in the U.S. alone. OIL OIL|OIL|OIL |OIL Consumers trash 24 BIL. plastic water bottles each year Only bottles are properly recycled.0 5 500-1000 YEARS of every O plastic Plastics fully degrade after 11 just in the U.S. ANIMAL IMPACTS HEALTH IMPACTS 1 MILLION Seabirds and 100,000 MARINE MAMMALS die from entanglement or ingestion of plastics. Polyethylene Terephthalate contains hormone-disrupting chemicals that interfere with estrogen and reproductive hormones" 1 MILLION 13 Linked to : Breast cancer Reduced fertility in women Premature labor Birth defects Neurological difficulties Enlarged breasts in men Dropping sperm counts In 2011, 96% of women had BPA in their bodies. 119 BOTTLE CAPS were discovered t. ... ................ 119 in the stomach of an albatross that was found dead in Hawaii. MARINE ANIMALS are susceptible to feeling the negative effects of plastic bottles because of mistaking these products for food. FERTILIZER, PHARMACEUTICALS, DISINFECTANTS, and other chemicals have been found in bottled water. 14 $16 BILLION is spent each year for 15 bottled water in the US FINANCIAL IMPACTS Yearly global water bottle sales are at a staggering58 BILLION ANNUALLY, 1,500 plastic water bottles 1 SECOND are consumed every second in just the U.S. alone. Tap water costs $8.882 PER GALLON bottled water costs anywhere from $8.89 TO $8.26 PER GALLON. A monthly water bill would run $9,888 if tap water was the same price as the cheap bottled water. 17 BOTTLED WATER is 2000 TIMES more expensive than TAP WATER. t ...... ........................ ....... .. .. . U.S. MEXICO BRAZIL CHINA The U.5. is the largest consumer of plastic water bottles followed by MEXICO, BRAZIL, and CHINA." SAFEST BOTTLES 19 ENAMEL-LINED ALUMINUM POLYPROPYLENE GLASS STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTION OF BOTTLES 2.6 BILLION in the US each year" cases of water are sold More than HALF A BILLION bottles of water are purchased in the U.S. each week, which is enough to circle the globe more than 1 IN 4 BOTTLES of water contain tap water. No law requires bottling companies to provide testing results of the water to consumers or the FDA. FIUE TIMES 22 Throw a way clear plastic bottles including baby bottles that contain BPA." Reduce your use of canned foods and dispose of old tin cans especially if they contained acidic fruits or tomatoes. Don't microwave or store hot drinks in polycarbonate bottles because it can break down the polycarbonate when exposed to high temperatures. Replace old polycarbonate bottles with new ones every so often because they can crack with age. Women who are pregnant or children who are pre-pubescent should especially replace these bottles with one that is BPA free. Don't purchase a knockoff Brita pitcher because many times they are not BPA-free. Stop using jugged water cooler water and buy a filter system that uses tap water. ALTERNATIVES TO PURCHASING SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES FILTERED WATER BPA-FREE REUSABLE FILTERED WATER BOTTLES WATER BOTTLES PITCHES 1 filter in a filtered water system saves 300 bottles. 24 RECYCLING Recycling one plastic bottle can save enough energy to light a 68-WATT LIGHT BULB for six hours.5 19 28 02. plastic bottles yield enough fiber to make an ÉXTRA LARGE T-SHIRT or ......................... one square foot of carpet.26 HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING BPA FREE WATER" It reduces weight by removing by-products of fat and can help curb appetiteswith zero calories. Helps avoid headaches, back pain, and is essential to stay properly hydrated. Provides your skin with moisture and gives it a glowing shine. Naturally removes toxins from the body. Balances the inner body temperature while exercising or relaxing. Prevents the build up of kidney stones and reduces the threat of a heart attack, rheumatism, and arthritis. Improve brain function and increase energy levels. The average human needs 8-9 cups of water per day. 20% of water intake comes from food.28 SOURCES 1 5467366_plastic-water-bottles.html 15 2 16 3 17! 4 18 5 19 6 20 7 21! 8 22 9 23 10 24 11 25 12 26 13 27 14 28 COPYRIGHT 2013 WATERFILLER.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Plastic Water Bottle Effect

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Shows the effects of the plastic water bottle, what its made of, how it effects us environmentally and financially and compares them to reusable water bottles.




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