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Plastic Bag Bans: A World Survey

PLASTIC BAG BANS: A WORLD SURVEY PLASTIC BAG USAGE: USA VS. THE WORLD USA: 380 BILLION / YEAR WORLD: 500 BILLION-1 TRILLION / YEAR 1 BILLION 100 BILLION 200 BILLION 300 BILLION 400 BILLION 500 BILLION 600 BILLION 700 BILLION 800 BILLION 900 BILLION BAG BANS: UNITED STATES "light grey states have no action towards banning or taxing plastic bags ***... PLASTIC is the largest source of ocean litter. # 1 # 2 The second most abundant, ocean pollutant is CIGARETTES. X BAN/TAX IN PLACE PENDING BAN/TAX X. PROPOSED BAN/TAX REJECTED BAN/TAX IRELAND REDUCED PLASTIC BAG CONSUMPTION BY 90%(OVER 1 BILLION BAGS) BETWEEN 2001 AND 2011 BY IMPOSING A PLASTIC BAG REDUCTION 90% TAX OF 37-CENTS. 2001-2011 BAG BANS: WORLDWIDE *dark grey countries have no action towards banning or taxing plastic bags Bag ban in China has saved 1 MILLION TONS OF OIL San Francisco was O the FIRST USA city to ban plastic bags in 2007 Plastic bag tax has raised 10 MILLION EUROS . .. 2010 354,000+ X BANTAX IN PLACE plastic bags were collected during an international cleanup. of coastal areas X PENDING BAN/TAX Prior to the bag ban, Australians were using 7 BILLION BAGS A YEAR X PROPOSED BANTAX REJECTED BANTAX BRIEF HISTORY OF PLASTIC BAG USAGE THE OPPOSITION The largest opposition to the ban of plastic bags comes from the petroleum and plastics industries, and of course, consumers that don't want to change their habits. CONSUMERS OIL First plastic sandwich bags introduced Department stores start using plastic bags Supermarket chains introduce plastic bags 1957 1970's 1980's PLASTIC BAGS & THE ENVIRONMENT Ocean debris worldwide kills at least 1 million sea birds and 100,000 mammals each year SEA BIRDS 1,000,000+ DEAD EACH YEAR SEAL WHALE DOLPHIN SEA TURTLE 100,000+ DEAD EACH YEAR SHARK SOURCES http w.cga.ct.gow/200p2008 R0607Mm ttp w.npr.orghemplatesarystory.phphtaryida91353MO plastic bagcanit be done houldit be done banned recycleplatic bagu ttp.theratureinus.com00orplatc bagbanned insomecites.hmitcomment fom httpbeplantictagree the us-that have banned or taed plastic ba httponline.comartices1000142402748osAB045614S80S a2.emi jay no ttp.hutingonpost.com0onoavaplatic bag ban dinponn114557en http ttp plae bbnes miten to of ol.phe ttp teehu.comt20Os0plantic bag ban-banos airesphp ttp ecologrcenderogabatan ttp .tacebook.compagean Plante n Berkeley19736833611053pgetanasticlaptdinburgon163762563656493h-nto tp .ocantutures.orginewsbioginmion snge ue plastic bag httphem.natonageraphic.comew2ooso4OBOO4 plante bagom http Aute.comvemonmenticountries that hae banned plantic bag Mtp .surtrider.orgcampaigentrylencinitan plantic bag ban ordinance ttpplaticbaglaw.ongbrownvle beas plantic bag ban and- ttpheducesingeu.orgcommuniteswith bag ttpbelinont city counci conuderng ban oe platic bag ttpe.oregoniv.comportiandinde oioorangon lasmaker201_mayhtn ttpblogkged.orgountateoheat2011020salea considering ban onglabc bagu countries throughout he worid ban plante bag on eble bagginto effectin janary m.goolongewrntecycle ttp grat.orgartick200 o8-07 dispouble bag retrictions around un and world tpethedailynound.com012911-SANTA BARBARA SAN PLASTIC BAGS Mttpew upi.comTop Nra200706ON Marylandcities-consider glatic bag ban6271118135825 tp pubicceo.comindex.phpicomponenticonontiartcw/148 enonmentalus troad656-morecites looking owrds platic bagordinances ttpino.com2011.0201epaapplauds ma and kaai lor plantc bag ban ttphabitat.coman trancincos-ban on plantic bag ttphabitat.conan joe bans glatic shopping bagbgnt banin caan jose platic bag ban ttp .commondream.orgheadineD0721-04 Mtp//eww. 3 conomicshelip.orgbogtanehouldeban ota the plantic ba ReaseThileg.eom

Plastic Bag Bans: A World Survey

shared by judithgold on Jan 24
The world uses 500 billion bags a year but the 380 billion are used only in the U.S alone, because of this many states and cities in the U.S have banned plastic bags. This infographic takes a look at ...




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