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Pest Control Uk: Facts & Figures

Pest control UK Facts & Figures DID YOU KNOW? of local authorities are still providing some form of pest control service either in-house or, more commonly, contracted out. 85% HOWEVER. 15% of local authorities have decided to discontinue their services due to the current austerity measures and changes to local authority financial models. AND... calls fell by i on average for pest issues in the UK I possibly due to the increase in local authorities having to charge for services that were previously free. 10% Interestingly. GREATER LONDÓN has the MOST pest control operators per square kilometre and per 1000 people, and almost more pest controllers than Wales and Scotland put together! SO WHICH PESTS ARE AFFECTING YOU? - * Rat treatments equated to 38% of all pest services in the UK RATS and Rats are more common in * The worst region for Rat call outs was the West Midlands with 48,555 * The worst region for Mice call outs was the Greater London with 30,081 * Annually there are Ilb,638 mouse treatments in the UK MICE * House mice are incontinent leave approx ÖU droppings a day * Colonies of wasps survive for 0ne season in the UK, with nests dying off in Autumn/Winter WASPS * Wasp treatments have risen by 6.66% from the previous year The worst region for Wasp call outs was the SOUTHEAST with 24,123 * Greater London was the worst region for Bed Bug call outs with 7,389 BED BUGS * Bed Bug activity is not a sign of ditineSS but more likely bad luck! * Resurgence of these bugs due to International travel & lack of public awareness. * Cockroaches tend to nide by day, and become @ctive by Night COCKROACHES * England deliver 13,037 of the 13,582 cocktoach treatments LONDON with 8,839 tor the year * Worst region for call outs was * Ants equate to 3,01 of all local authority pest control services in the UK * Scotland is the worst region for ant call outs with 4,525 per annum ANTS * Negts can be dificult to locate as ant colonies can trail considerable dist ances * Bird control is a specialist & costly area of pest control, and has increased by 8% BIRDS * Bird & pigeon debris can be VERY deStuctive * Did you know? All bird species in the UK are protected under The Wildlife & Countryside fict 1981 * Other MAMMAL pests can include foXes, rabbils, Squirrels and moies OTHER * DROP in treatments for other mammals & insects due to lack of specialism MAMMALS & INSECTS * Other insect pests can include lic8, fIeas.fies, beetles and moths top 5 ipo keep your property well maintained IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A PROBLEM ACT QUICKLY! T you hear noises in the loft, don't presume it is birds! Rats, mice and squirrels will all nest in BY CAREFULLY INSPECTING LUGGAGE AND FURNITURE YOU MAY BE ABLE TO AVOID LONG AND COSTLY TREATMENTS TO GET RID OF THESE PESTS. loft spaces Try to locate compost heaps as far away from your house as possible and monitor them for signs of pest activity Facts and figures brought to you by the aid of: BPCA AMatimias 2)

Pest Control Uk: Facts & Figures

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Did you know it is estimated we are never more than six feet from a pest of one form or another. Pests and therefore pest control is a serious matter that affects millions of people on a daily basis. ...


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