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Over Population - Are you sure it is really......really bad

OVER POPULATION Are You Sure Its Really... Really Bad? Overpopulation is not always a curse. Sometimes it can prove to be a blessing for a nation. Advantages for having huge Population base for a Nation: More People implies Higher Standard of Living: Population Growth Leads to Urbanization: Real world evidence has shown that even a 100% increase in population over a period of forty years does not lead to food Population growth and Urbanization go together, and economic development is closely correlated with urbanization.And no deficiency but rather improves the standard of living for basically country has ever reached high income levels with everyone. low urbanization. A greater Domestic Market: Economies of Scale: Countries with huge population, their domestic economies are prospectively large and of great Economies of scale (which happens when cost of per-unit production declines as volume increases) can be more easily achieved with a large population. interest to multinational corporations. Cheaper and more Readily Available Product: Having more people those who are willing to work will means more goods and services available in the society. Then there willI be large supply, prices will automatically go down and certain things will become more affordable. How -- China India Emerge as Superpower with their Over Population & India's 1.2 billion population is a boon as it would result in high income which would in turn result in higher savings, clear indicators of economical growth India 00 India's huge population offers an absolute force of India's large population means a deeper pool of domestic intelligence which can be used to good effect. cheap manpower which is a very useful tool for India. Low labor cost is not only beneficial for expanding economy but also for allowing more working class people enjoy the fruits brought by the expanding economy. For its huge population, China is taking advantage of low labor cost. 00 China's present population strength: 1,336,718,015(approx) China With this population the Chinese military is largest military force in the world with 5 million members in the world. which is 19.4% of total world population. 00 So this is how “Over Population" is not the main constraint for a Nation`s development anymore. It can even be a positive force for a Nation`s development. Designed by: yeCandy Sources:ÄSIWVX mpact-on-quality-of-live omic-development

Over Population - Are you sure it is really......really bad

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Over Population is always considered as a burden for a nation and also for the human race. This ever growing population has put strain on the planet’s finite resources and done serious economic da...


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