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Organic Gardening - The 5 Basics

ORGANIC GARDENING THE 5 BASICS PLAN SOIL SEEDS COMPOST WATERING Before you start digging better plan the whole thing. When you choose the location, test the foundation of your garden - the soil. When you're choosing the seeds make sure they have the "CERTIFIED ORGANIC" tag. Making your own composf is very popular among Next to fertilizing the next thing which is vital to your garden is the watering. homeowners. Location is key. •The area yoU choose must get at least 6.5 hours of sunlight a day. •Must be away from any underground cables and utility pipes. •Must be away from any trees. parts of the property such as sheds, pillars and the house itself. •Must be on an even area.* •Test your pre- existing soil and its pH levels. This way you will determiné how acidic your soil is. •The results should be in the middle of the scale. •If the results are on the lower end this means your soil is too acidic and if on the higher - too alkaline. •Both cases require changing the soil or using compost for balancing. The COMPOST improves the the soil as it adds the important ingredients such as nifrogen and potassium. It can also balance the pH levels. You can find them at: •The small local gardening store Any farm, just name your price. It should be done according to the weather as too much water will kill your plant. You can check the concept of COMPANION PLANTING. It basically means growing a self- Sustaining garden with the help of just the plants themselves. your garden covers a bigger area, zone if accordingly. For example if there's a tree in a part of it, use less water than for the other parts. To get the best quality compost use different layers, keep it always humid but well- aerated. If the terrain is too rocky or uneven, you can consider another option - raised garden beds. Sources:óc411d545f Organic Gardening - The 5 basics The Ultimate Guide to Companion Planting Published by: GARDENER Canterbury

Organic Gardening - The 5 Basics

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Organic Gardening is a topic which is very controversial in the recent few years. The reason is, there are conspiracy theories that governments feed us with plastic vegetables which are produced only ...


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