Ocean Productivity & Pollution

WHO'S GONNA SAVE THE WORLD TONIGHT? We harm our ocean more than we know. Here are two key players that change the ocean. 80 % of marine pollution originates 50 % of çarbon dioxide | from land is absorbed by the ocean and converted into carbohydrates. 96. % (at most) of carbohydrates at the ocean's surface is converted by PHYTOPLANKTON. from land. AREAS OF HIGH LEVELS OF: OCEAN PRODUCTIVITY (PINK) HUMAN IMPACT (YELLOW) PLANKTON? PEOPLE? AS PREDATORS ON LAND, we are undoubtedly a major source of marine pollution: AS HUMANS, there are also ways to help our ocean: PRIMARY PRODUCERS specifically. phytoplankton form the base of the ocean food chain LIVE ON THE SURFACE to absorb light energy for photosynthesis AUTOTRÖPHS åre another word for producers NEAR THE COASTS where nutrient levels are highest due to water EUPHOTIC ZONE enough sunlight for photosynthesis OFFSHORE MINING, OIL & GAS DRILLING DUMPING LAND RUN- OFF & DIS- CHARGE -100 M DYSPHOTIC ZONE weak sunlight SHIPPING & SPILLS THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE PROPER PLACE. movement KEEP THE FOOD WEB GOING highly essential to all life TINY those on the surface are microscopic organisms OXYGEN SOUŘCE they are a major source of oxygen, another product of photosynthesis NUTRIENT RECYĆLERS keep our ocean healthy AIRBORNE EMISSIONS FROM LAND TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. - 600 M APHOTIC ZONE no sunlight PLANT MORE. REFERENCES: GARRISON, T. S. (2012). ESSENTIALS OF OCEANOGRAPHY (6TH ED.). BELMONT, CA: BROOKS/COLE, CENGAGE LEARNING. | HTTP://KIDS.EARTH.NASA.GOV/SEAWIFS/PHYTO2.HTM| HTTP://EDUCATION.NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM/EDUCATION/ACTIVITY/SAVE-THE-PLANKTON-BREATHE-FREELY/?AR_A=1|OCEANSERVICE.NOAA.GOV | INFOGRAPHIC BY ABBEY MATIBAG

Ocean Productivity & Pollution

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From the tiniest creatures to the largest (that's us), we affect our ocean one way or another. Take a look at some of the most basic roles that have among the largest impacts on the Earth's waters.


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