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My Environmental Footprint

MY ENVIRONMENTAL footprint Foc THE AVERAGE AMERICAN Has a carbon FOOT PRINT THAT EXCEEDS 20 TONS Sends 64 TONS of waste into a landfill during lifetime Throws away 43,371 Throws away 15 TONS cans during lifetime of plastic from food packaging during lifetime Creates about 500 POUNDS of dirty laundry a year Owns 15 Drives an average of 11,000 627,000 computers during lifetime miles a year To make one computer 530 LBS OF FOSSIL FUELS, miles during lifetime 48 LBS OF ASSORTED this is equivalent to traveling around the world CHEMICALS AND OVER 1.7 TONS OF WATER 25 TIMES Burns 3 QUARTER TONS of coal using a And requires 31,350 hair dryer during their lifetime gallons of gasoline Enough to fill Lives in 3 10 HOMES which equals more than 64 large oil tankers trees used for lumber Takes 28433 Uses 1.277 MILLION showers during lifetime - which gallons of water over lifetime beyond uses over showering 700,000 Equivalent to keeping the tap running gallons of water Uses continuously for 272 I 62 WEEKS Sticks of Deodorant Uses Owns 656 10 bars of soap televisions UNITED STATES AS A WHOLE Americans represent about 5% of the world's population, however, they consume 25% of the world's energy Garbage produced in the U.S. would reach the moon with filled up garbage trucks in a line Or cover more than Or cover the state of Texas two 990,000 FOOTBALL 2.5 and a half times fields under six foot high piles of waste Americans alone throw away enough ALUMINUM TO DUPLICATE the full commercial air fleet of the US If the CO2 Emissions of one person were made into a solid mass of carbon, it would fill This is 06 TIMES more than a 40 TRUNKS person from France O20 TIMES more than a person in India Sources: Be Green Onine Bueiness-to-Buinees Packagng Store IPACKAGING LLC

My Environmental Footprint

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How much impact does one person have on the environment? Check out these surprising facts on what resources we use during our lifetime.


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