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The Most Popular Disney Princesses

DSNEY PRI MOST POPULAR ஈபகுப்பே WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE A PRINCESS? We thought it would be interesting to rank the top Disney Princesses not by opinion, but by real data. To determine our ranking order, we used IMDB's MOVIEMeter algorithm, which ranks feature films based on popularity and awareness. The algorithm considers search volume, general interest, movie reviews, and an array of other proprietary metrics for overall rankings. MOST POPULAR #I #2 #3 RAPUNZEL MOANA MULAN MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank 563 1,199 1,219 Gross Gross Gross $690,845,539 $304,320,254 $592,461,732 Fa Zhou did have a son. The night sky in Moana was created by astronomers to mimic the night sky over the pacific islands 2,000 years ago. Mulan had a younger brother in the original story. Tangled was Disney's first full-length computer-animated fairy-tale adventure. # 4 #6 # 5 JASMINE ΤΙΑΝΑ ARIEL MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank 1,557 1,610 1,922 Gross Gross Gross $267,045,765 $504,050,219 $274,176,364 In the original story, Ariel's legs caused her pain with every step. The only princess who has a job. The only Disney princess that is not the main character in her movie. #7 #8 #9 POCAHONTAS MERIDA BELLE MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank 2,150 2,177 2,700 Gross Gross Gross $538,983,207 $440,118,382 $346,079,773 The only original Disney princess not based on another story or legend. Also the only movie technically created by Pixar, not Disney. She's the first brunette Disney princess, and the only one created to be in her 20's. Other princesses are teenagers. It is believed that the real Pocahontas' father had as many as 100 children, but Pocahontas was his favorite. #10 #II #12 SNOW WHITE AURORA CINDERELLA MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank MOVIEMeter Rank 3,890 4.345 4,891 Gross Gross Gross $184,925,486 $51,600,000 $95,126,535 The only princess with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was the last animated film to There are 345 different Cinderella stories. The earliest known version is from about 50 BC about a Greek slave girl named Rhodopis. feature traditionally inked cels. WHO CREATED THE ORIGINAL PRINCESS STORIES? The Brothers Grimm Little Briar Rose Princess and the Frog Tangled Hans Christian Andersen The Little Mermaid Snow White Sleeping Beauty Charles Perrault Madame de Villeneuve Antoine Galland Cinderella Beauty and the Beast Aladdin History/Legend Pocahontas Original (Pixar) Brave Mulan WHERE ARE ELSA AND ANNA? While there's no denying the popularity of the Frozen sisters, they unfortunately don't fit the criteria for this list since they are actually queens! WHICH PRINCESS BROUGHT THE MOST WEALTH TO THE MOVIE KINGDOM? Percentage is based on all princess movies revenue. MOANA RAPUNZEL MERIDA JASMINE 16.10% 13.81% 12.56% I1.75% BELLE POCAHONTAS MULAN ARIEL 10.26% 8.07% 7.09% 6.39% TIANA SNOW WHITE CINDERELLA AURORA 6.23% 4.31% 2.22% 1.20% HOW MUCH DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE A PRINCESS? Creating a new princess takes a lot of money, but some princesses are just a little more high maintenance than others. MILLIONS 300 250 200 150 100 50 BUDGET # 4 RAPUNZEL $290,000,000 MERIDA $185,000,000 MOANA $150,000,000 TIANA S105,000,000 #5 #8 MULAN $90,000,000 POCAHONTAS $55,000,000 ARIEL $40,000,000 JASMINE $28,000,00o #9 AURORA $6,000,000 SNOW WHITE $1,499,000 BELLE CINDERELLA $25,000,000 $2,900,000 -ACE CASH EXPRESS © 2020 Populus Financial Group

The Most Popular Disney Princesses

shared by tanner6 on Oct 27
With the upcoming release of the live-action Mulan, we thought it would be interesting to see how the Disney princesses stacked up. Who would we go to right now, if we wanted to talk to the top influe...


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