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The Most In-Demand Green Jobs Of The Future

THE MOST IN-DEMANI GREEN JOBS OF THE FUTURE The Skills You Need and The Places They'll Be It's no surprise that green jobs are growing in numbers as companies dedicate themselves to "going green." With demand growing for a skilled labor force, it's important to understand where these jobs are going to be needed and what skills you'll need to fill those positions. MOST IN-DEM AND JOBS WHAT DO THEY DO? SOLAR POWER CONTRACTOR Solar power contractors work in the field of solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair. The Solar Foundation estimates that in 2010, 93,000 workers spent more than half their work hours on projects related to solar power. WIND TURBINE INSTALLER WHAT DO THEY DO? Wind turbine installers specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of power-producing wind turbines. In 2012, there were 3,200 wind turbine technicians in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an by 2022, a rate considered to be much faster than for the average job. 800 expected growth of 24%, or JOBS GREEN WHAT DO THEY DO? CONSTRUCTION Green construction engineers specialize in using environmentally friendly materials to build structures certified by one of several organizations that regulate green building ENGINEER construction. The Value of Green Non-Residential Building Construction 2010 $43 billion - $54 billion 2015 $120 billion - $145 billion HYBRID VEHICLE TECHNICIAN WHAT DO THEY DO? Hybrid vehicle technicians may work as mechanics or building various parts of the vehicle, from batteries to bodies. The recession of 2007-2009 slowed Units of Hybrid Electric down sales, falling to about 250,000 units in 2010. This level is expected to be maintained or grow depending on the state of the economy and Vehicles Produced 2007 1999 ZERO 350,000 government tax breaks. UNITS UNITS WHAT DO THEY DO? ENVIRONMENTAL Environmental protection specialists focus on protecting the environment and human health by helping to clean up polluted areas; advising government officials and other policy makers. PROTECTION SPECIALIST In 2012, there were 92,000 environmental specialists in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an by 2022, a rate considered to be much faster than for the average job. expected growth of 15%, or 13,200 JOBS ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER WHAT DO THEY DO? In 2012, there were 53,200 environmental engineers in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an expected growth of 15%, or Environmental engineers apply engineering principles and science to develop solutions to environmental problems such as improving recycling and waste disposal and controlling pollution. by 2022, a rate considered to be much faster than for the average job. 8,100 JOBS CAMPUS WHAT DO THEY DO? SUSTAINABILITY These administrators' responsibilities range from recycling programs to overseeing green building construction. DIRECTOR Nearly half of all respondents to a 2012 survey regarding these positions reported that their position had been created or upgraded since 2010, indicating significant growth. Positions focusing on sustainability continue to grow in general: Growth of Sustainability Offices on College and University Campuses 2010 23% 2010 2012 2012 67% 74% 85% WATER ENGINEERS In 2012, there were 7,400 hydrologists in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an expected WHAT DO THEY DO? Hydrologists are scientists specializing in the study of how water moves across and growth of 10%, or 800 through the Earth. They use their knowledge to address problems with water quality and access. JOBS by 2022, a rate considered to be roughly average. WHAT DO THEY DO? AGRICULTURAL & Agricultural and food scientists ensure that food production establishments are safe, develop new means of cultivating food products, and address problems related to food access. FOOD SCIENTISTS, In 2012, there were 38,500 agriculture and food scientists in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an expected growth of 9%, or 3,600 JOBS by 2022, a rate considered to be roughly average. According to, the rate of growth for jobs with "environmental compliance" as a keyword has increased by 24% since 2010, while jobs focusing on "energy efficiency" have grown by 500% since 2009. COMPANIES LEADING THE WAY IN GREEN JOBS 12k Employees Bk Employees SolarCity Electric vehicle and component Company that designs, finances, and in- stalls solar power systems. manufacturer. TESLA 16k 5k Employees Employees NATIONAL Government agency managing all U.S. national parks and a A consultancy that contributes to resolving complex sustainability challenges. PARK SERVICE number of national ERM. monuments. 700 500 Employees Employees VERENGO OPOWER SOLAR Company that designs and installs residential solar power collectors. Provider of cloud-based software to the utility industry, providing customers with better information about their energy consumption, and making personalized saving recommendations. 100k 18k Employees Employees AECOM Vestas. Provider of tech support specializing in transportation, facilities, environment, energy, Manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines. water, and government. 7k 1.6k vivint. Employees Employees NREL Provider of home energy Primary U.S. laboratory for research into renewable energy and energy efficiency, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. management services, specializing in solar panels. ТOP CITIES & STATES FOR GREEN JOBS ТОP STATЕ ТОР CITY FOR GREEN JOB FOR GREEN JOB Number reflects total job listings from Boston 1,132 San FrancisCO Bay Area 2,215 WI Philadelphia 789 Denver Chicago 951 802 IN UT D.C. CO VA CA 1,715 Los Angeles 2,215 Houston NM 1,755 GA TX Dallas 952 COMPANIES INVESTING IN GREEN ENERGY Honda has long led the way in vehicle hybridization and have committed to continuing and improving this trend, HONDA promising to continue reducing their CO2 emissions from factories as well. United has been in the process of aggressively replacing aging planes with more efficient models, along with installing fuel-saving winglets shown to reduce emissions by 5%. UNITED Suncor has been a pioneer in the oil and gas industry for its environmental methods, improving the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by their extraction processes by 25% since 1990. SUNCOR ENERGY British retailer Tesco has made a major commitment to environmentalism, powering stores with wind; engaging in high-tech recycling programs; using biodiesel in their delivery trucks; and basing executive bonuses in part on the success or failure of environmental projects. TESCO --- -- Aluminum maker Alcan has used advanced aluminum making methods to reduce greenhouse gas output by 25% since 1990, while at the same time increasing productivity by 40% and energy efficiency by 20%. ALCAN PG&E has been a major corporate advocate for controls on greenhouse gases in their home state of California, and has begun to push for tighter federal regulations as well. PG&E S.C. Johnson was concerned with sustainability before it was even a concept on most companies' radars, with H.F. Johnson Jr. leading an expedition to Brazil in 1935 to find a sustainable source of wax. More recently, they are noteworthy for developing Greenlist, a classification system evaluating the impact and toxicity of their products' ingredients, allowing them to eliminate nearly 2 million pounds of volatile organic compounds from Windex alone. Johnson Goldman Sachs Since 2005, Goldman Sachs has invested heavily in the development of cellulosic eth- anol, wind, and solar power-more than a billion dollars all in all. Swiss Re has been an early pioneer in warning about the eventual role of climate change in altering insurance policy and has innovated in altering the way that insurance is impacted by changes to I Swiss Re weather. hp HP has massive operations for e-waste recycling, and now produces 100% recyclable computers. ТОP SKILLS FOR GREEN JOES CREATE & MANAGE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Necessary to create relationships with investors, government agencies, and other potential sources of funding. TECHNICAL SKILLS Many of the companies, jobs, and industries focusing on environmentalism are technologically focused; a background in some technical skills, therefore, is necessary. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Proper management of finances is key in industries which rely heavily on outside funding. Particularly in the case of government funding, there is little margin for error when applying for grants, etc. MANAGEMENT Green companies typically operate with Corporate Social Responsibility as their cornerstone; as such, skilled management professionals who can manage within CSR standards are sought after. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING Green companies are often in the business of creating and selling alternative technology and products to less environmentally friendly options, requiring the help of specialists, both on the creative and marketing end. CERTIFICATIONS, CREDENTIALS & LICENSES Certifications such LEED for green construction and Professional Engineers (PE) licenses, among other certifications, are important in the green industry for developing relationships with potential investors, and demonstrate a specialized level of knowledge and skill in a given field. NE CO Coyne COLLEGE Sources: green_giants.fortune/10.html |-

The Most In-Demand Green Jobs Of The Future

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Green jobs are on the rise. With demand growing for a skilled labor force, it is important to understand where these jobs are going to be needed and what skills are needed to fill these positions. C...


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