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Mindanao Power Crisis

MINDANAO POWER CRIS S Why are there brownouts in large parts of Mindanao? WHY IS THERE A POWER CRISIS? There's more demand than actual supply! Vs. VN 1,428 1,133 MW actual capacity megawatts (MW) peak demand Shortfall of 295 MW MINDANAO'S POWER GENERATION MIX WHY IS THERE A SHORTFALL? 1. Mindanao is not connected to the national grid, which has excess power supply. "The simple answer is Mindanao should have been connected to the national grid (Luzon and Visayas)." Luzon = reserves of 1100 Mw = reserves of 730 MW Mindanao = shortage of 295 MW DIESEL - Senator Sergio Osmeña ll, chairman of the Joint Congressional Power Commission Hydro-powered plants Oil-based (diesel) power plants 19.38% 2. No new power plants since 2006 52.49% "Yung pinakahuling malaking power plants was the 200 MW coal-fed power plant undertaken by Steag State Power Inc. completed in 2006." - Mylene Capongcol, Energy Department director 3. Mindanao relies heavily on hydro power, which is generated less during the summer when water runs low "More than half of the power used in Mindanao come from hydro-powered plants. This is problematic as hydro-power is greatly affected by the weather." Geothermal-powered Coal-fired power plants 20.36% plants 7.17% - Mylene Capongcol, Energy Department director THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY'S NEAR-TERM INITIATIVES TO EASE POWER OUTAGES MINDANA VRIC MALLS UNUSED POWER Finalize and implement a • scheme where, in exchange for compensation, huge consumers like malls agree to lessen consumption from the grid during peak hours and instead use standby power generators. Fund Mindanao electric Establish the Interim • cooperatives' use of fuel-fired modular • Mindanao Electricity Market, where distribution utilities and electric cooperatives contract unused power supplied by embedded generators. generator sets. PROPOSED LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS DIESEL New diesel-fed power plants that will I. be operational by 2015 Link Mindanao to the national grid WHAT RESIDENTS CAN DO TO EASE A POWER CRISIS Here are tips from the World Wide Fund for Nature MAX LOAD CFL CFL Use your household appliances wisely. For example, running a maximum-load wash in your washing machine is more efficient than two half-loads. Use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLS) instead • of ordinary light bulbs. They use a fraction of the power and last up to 10 times longer. OFF Turn off appliances when not in use. Use natural light when possible. GMA Sources: NEWS Philippine Institute for Development Studies Department of Energy World Wildlife Fund for Nature Interviews with Energy Department's Mylene Power Commission's Senator Sergio Osmeña III e Capongcol and Joint Congressional Research by Siegfrid Alegado Design by Analyn Perez

Mindanao Power Crisis

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Three years on, many areas in Mindanao (see list of rotating brownouts here) still suffer long brownouts, as the regional grid grapples with summertime low water levels in dams, lowering the output of...



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