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Metal Recycling Process

METAL RECYCLING PROCESS SCRAP METAL COLLECTION Scrap metal is collected from various locations at the scrap yard. SORTING OF SCRAP METAL In order to be recycled appropriately, different types of scrap metals need to be separated from each other, as well as from other recyclables such as paper and plastic. In this stage scrap metal is passed through several sorting processes. paper, plastic and glass recycling RADIATION DETECTOR SHEARING Scrap metal is passed through radiation detectors to separate Hydraulic machinery capable of exerting enormous pressure is used to cut metals into radioactive scrap from the rest of the scrap metal manageable sizes. SHREDDING Feed rollers & Hammer mills crush the scrap metal & cut it into very small pieces FERROUS SCRAP METAL SEPARATION C:) Rotating magnetic drums extract iron and steel from the scrap mixture to separate ferrous metal from non-ferrous scrap metal. MEDIA SEPARATION 23: Further separation is achieved using Eddy currents, high pressure air flows & liquid floating systems Ч BALING The separated and shredded ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal are made into compact large blocks to facilitate handling and transportation. Ferrous scrap Non-ferrous scrap TRANSPORT SCRAP METAL FOR FURTHER PROCESSING Scrap metal processed in scrap yards is transported to steel mills for further metal recycling process MELTING & PROCESSING SCRAP METAL The recovered materials are melted down in a furnace along with chemicals to get high quality raw material. Then it's poured into casters and shaped into ingots. These ingots are either used in the foundry industry or they can be transformed into flat sheets and other wrought products such as tubing, which are then used to manufacture new products finished raw material References SIMS METAL MANAGEMENT

Metal Recycling Process

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The metal recycling process includes the stages of sorting, shredding, melting and converting scrap metal into usable products. Make sure you recycle scrap metal to prevent metal waste from piling up ...


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