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Marine Habitat: The Beautiful World Underneath

MARINE HABITAT: THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD UNDERNEATH The oceans contain V9 of the living space on the planet. EXPLORED Less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans. DEEP SEA 90% of the volume constitutes the dark, cold environment we call the deep sea. A crab's teeth are in its STOMACH. Seahorses consume 3,000 or more brine shrimp per day. An octopus has 3 HEARTS. Sea turtles seem as though they're crying because the salt absorbed from the sea is Jellyfish have been around for more than 650 MILLION YEARS, meaning they outdate both sharks and dinosaurs. The swordfish and marlin are the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds up to 75 MPH in quick bursts. EXCRETED THROUGH THEIR EYES. Sharks attack about 50-75 people each year worldwide, with 8-12 fatalities. Whereas, The blue whale is the largest animal on our planet ever (exceeding the size of the greatest known dinosaurs) and has a HEART THE SIZE OFA VOLKSWACEN. HUMANS KILL SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 20-100 MILLION SHARKS every year. SCIENTISTS HAVE NAMED More oil reaches the oceans each year as a result of AND CLASSIFIED AROUND LEAKING AUTOMOBILES AND OTHER NON-POINT SOURCES 1.5 MILLION SPECIES. than the oil spilled in Prince William Sound by the Exxon About 449% of the toxic contaminants Valdez or even in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill. come from runoff via rivers and streams. Air pollution is responsible for 33% of the toxic contaminants that end up in oceans and coastal waters. EXON dq 44% 33% 23% Each year, two times as much garbage is dumped into the world's oceans as the weight of fish caught. RUNOFF VIA AIR OTHER RIVERS &STREAMS POLLUTION METHODS MOST ENDANGERED SEA CREATURES BLUEFIN TUNA SEA TURTLES CRAY WHALE CORAL VAQUITA The greatest enemy of tuna is overfishing, overfishing, overfishing. Fishing gear is the sea turtles' worst enemy, as well as loss of habitat and climate change. Centuries of overfishing have left one population bottom trawling extinct and one critically commercial fishing are endangered. Threatened by the gill nets used to catch fish, they are often killed unintentionally as bycatch. Ocean acidification and its major threats. SOURCES: endangered-sea-creatures-pictures-03112 Infographic Presented By:" Designed by Samantha Sanders Created By:

Marine Habitat: The Beautiful World Underneath

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Deep down in the ocean there is a marine world that few have explored or really understand. This insightful infographic shows the types of fish under the sea, fun facts about sea creatures, and inform...



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