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The Life of a Cardboard Box

THE LIFE OF A Cardboard Box Did you know that cardboard is used to ship 90% of all products in the United States?' 90% And that percentage only seems to be growing. Cardboard boxes are the lifeblood of the packaging and shipping industry, and it is important to stay educated on how the material is constructed and why it should be reused or recycled to protect our environment. Detailed below is life of a cardboard box, all the way from the forest > to a box > through the recycling process. First, trees are cut down and paper is made.? Trees are transported to a paper mill. Mechanical and chemical pulping methods are used to create paperboard and corrugated cardboard. The outer layers of the box are typically made from softwood pulp. The fluting, the wavy layer on the inside of the cardboard, is manufactured using a corrugated machine. Second, a box is designed.? The different layers of board are pressed and glued together to created the cardboard box. Hand holes and flaps are trimmed and glued on the boxes. A variety of box sizes and styles are produced to fit the consumer's needs. The cardboard boxes are ready to be sold. Last, the boxes are recycled. After the cardboard is used, it should be recycled. The process is simple and includes these 5 steps: 1 The company or consumer gathers the materials that need to be гесycled. 2 Cardboard is sorted by boxboard and corrugated once the materials arrive at the recycling center. The materials are soaked in a mixture that breaks down the fibers and creates a pulp. 4 The pulp is filtered and stripped in order toget rid of any foreign materials and dyes. Pulp is mixed with virgin materials, then dried and formed into solid sheets. Local recycling centers will accept the most common types of cardboard, including those used for shipping, and they may even offer curbside pickup. You can also drop the cardboard off at recycling centers. A few ways cardboard can be reused GET CRAFTY.5 Cardboard can be used to craft anything from gift boxes, homemade post cards, napkin rings, stylish storage, cat toys, coasters, party décor, or even wall art. Here's a craft Idea that will make any child's dream come true - construct a life-Size fort out of cardboard boxes. STAY ORGANIZED. Boxes are designed for storage or secure transportation from one place to another. Why not reuse boxes for storage in your home? Smaller boxes can be used to organize things like office materials, snacks in the pantry, books, or toys with multiple pieces. Larger boxes are great for long-term storage and organization in the garage, basement, or other cluttered areas in your home. USE IT AS A GARDENING TOOL. Cardboard is also a very useful tool in the garden. When It is mulched it can be used to bulk and ingurgitate excess water in soil, or otherwise known as composting. Cardboard is also capable of creating a barrier against weeds. Lay a few pieces in problem areas and the weeds won't be able to grow through the material. -------- When cardboard is broken down in a landfill instead of being recycled, it creates methane, a major greenhouse gas that impacts global warming negatively. This is why it is critical that we continue to reuse and recycle cardboard in smart and environmental ways." Since Brown & Pratt, Inc. opened its doors in 1954, we have striven to maintain 100% customer satisfaction in every order without regard for customer or order size. Although we began by specializing in custom printed poly bags, we have since broadened our product offering and now service all packaging and shipping supply industries! We are committed to working with each individual customer in order to pin-point their precise packaging needs. We offer custom packaging solutions, over 10,000 in-stock packaging and shipping supply items, and the ability to customize many of our products with your own custom artwork. At Brown & Pratt, we strive to fill your every packaging need while remaining committed to building long-term partnerships. While we look forward to your first order with us, we are more interested in making you a satisfied Brown & Pratt customer for life! Visit us at or call us at 888.497.0059 to get a quote for custom packing and shipping supplies. Sources: BROWN&PRATT 1. 2. 3. of-recycling-cardboard/ 4. 5. 6. Custem Packagingend Shipping Supplies

The Life of a Cardboard Box

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We use cardboard boxes in our day to day life without even realizing that we do. From cereal to shoes, there are countless products that are sold and shipped in cardboard boxes. If you buy something o...






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