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Keeping Bees Could Save Your Life During The Apocalpse

HOW TO START BEE KEEPING IN PREPARATION FOR THE APOCALYPSE WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN THIS SKILL Beekeeping is a great skill both now and during the apocalypse. It's a great way to earn a little extra cash now for more preparation materials while you learn a good skill to take with you. They produce honey. They pollinate plants for a living. LEARNING HOW TO START BEE KEEPING IS GREAT FOR 3 PRIMARY REASONS It will be very easy. THE BEE KEEPING BASICS – BEE KEEPING 101 Bee Keeping is a pretty fundamental process that is easy to understand. You are looking to take a swarm of bees and harvest what they produce, natural honey, for profit. Bees are little workers that fly around from one flower to another collecting honey. This process also pollinates the plants they are harvesting from the contact of going plant to plant. One their stomach is full of nectar, they bring their harvest back to the hive to store it for winter. The name of the game is to store as much honey as they can to hold them over through the winter. You will be harvesting that honey they are storing but it is important that you leave enough for them to survive. A new colony might also need some extra honey the first year in order to survive that vital first winter. The nectar that is brought back to the hive is turned into honey by removing any water content. This new substance is very high is sugar and prevents bacteria's from growing while in storage. This high level of sugar is what keep the bee's wings moving so fast. The bees also build honeycomb cells to help support the hive and store the goods. This is what they use to store the honey and help separate their larvae as well. When removed, this can be turned into what is commonly referred to as "beeswax" for added value. Once the temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the bees will retreat to their hive for the winter. Contrary to popular belief, bees do not hibernate for the winter like some insects. They actually hover in place within the hive while eating the stored honey. The combination of friction and body heat created from the flying is enough to keep them warm enough to survive. Your typical bee has a lifespan of about a month from the spring through the fall. If they are born during the winter, they will live through that winter and about a month into the spring. They will last just long enough to get the hive up and running after the winter break. THE OTHER BEE KEEPING EQUIPMENT YOU WILL NEED Other than a bee keeping suit, there are a few other tools that you will wish you started with. If you don't have these, your life will be much more difficult. Smoker A smoker is what beekeepers use to smoke the bee's while you do hive maintenance. Bee Hives You are obviously going Вee Brush This is what you use to slowly remove bees off of a surface. to need a few bee hives in order to make this work. You should start with the best quality you can afford because you will need to create your own replacement parts as they break Queen Cather A queen catcher is a piece of bee keeping equipment you will need to keep things Hive Tool A hive tool is one of those tools that you want to have been can live without. easy.

Keeping Bees Could Save Your Life During The Apocalpse

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Every source of food will make a difference during the Apocalypse. Having a skill that no one else has, such as beekeeping, can make you extremely valuable to a team. These forgotten skills will mak...


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