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The IUCN List of Threatened Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ Legend: 13 I CANTLAST MUCH LONGER ! CANTLAST MUCH LONGER I CAN'T LAST MUCH LONGER 8-11+ 4-8 IUCN Red List Unit, IUCN, UK Office, 219c Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 ODL, United Kingdom. Tel:+44 (0)1223 277966 Fax:+44 (0)1223 277845 Email:[email protected] Code Phrases: Code Phrase: HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME 2140 41-80 Status of Species: Extinct Extinct in the Wild DEAD I can't last much longer Help Me Please Help I'm Hurting 81-130 131-180+ Critically Endangered Endangerered Vulnerable PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELPIP 41-80. 81-130 131-200 PLEASE HELP 201+ RED JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN'T TALK DOESN'T MEAN WE SHOULDN'T BE LISTENING. IUCN PLEASE HELP LIST Code Phrase Size Ratio: Size of Text Number of Species Threatened DEAD IM HURTINSG 1-15 DEAD 16-45 251-400 401-550+ I'M HURTING DEAD 46-60+ iM HURTING The IUCN Species Programme working with the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) has for more than four decades been assessing the conservation status of species, subspecies, varieties, and more, all on a global scale in order to highlight taxa threatened with extinction, and therefore promote their conservation. Although today we mote their consen ug the coservation status of sn orld from rieties, and even selected subpopula even er to highlight taxa threatened promote their conservatic ina very different politir nrid from thnat when th roduced the Suecies rsity. Thedants s of ecosyr PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELE als assesse I'M HURTING HELP ME emation on their cu for makıng informed decua about co he UCN Bed List of Threatened SpeciesMorovides taxonomi bior ith the Sp OCN ains firml object stue PLEASE HELPistribution information on plants and aima local to global levels. arion on plants and anial eater ystem is designe to dete DEAD P P PLEASE HEi PASE HEBELP ME M HURTINGUCN Red Lis tinns d animals uia relative nisk of extinction catalogue and highlight those pIMHURTINGnimals that are facin ct in the MELP ME plants arPLEASE HELP dated usin CN Red L This system is designed to determine the relati. irpo I CANT LAST MUCH LONGER ght those plants and animals that are faring a highe erable). The IUCN Red List also PLEASE o incluc in inot be evalu either close to HELPME ELP "PLEASEPLEASE HELPH RING centi a HELP MEPLEA es infor suff ould HELP MEIMHURTING the Wild; on taxa that cannot be evaluater arause are either close to meeting the threatened thre rogramme (i.e., are Near Threatenedi).Plants anc Concern. The Least Concern assessments did not because the main focus of attention has been on threater. HELP ME DEAD of extinction s produced before: reatened snes HELP I'M HURTING HELPİÇANT LAST MUCH LONGER Hr IMHURINGL pl'M HURTING. MHAINGMU ENGand to place th MHURTING MHURTING PLEASE HEL HELP ME MLP ME DEAD a few that PLEASE HELP n assessments are nc PLEASE HELP I CANTLAST MUCH LONGER DEAD ME MHURTING HELP ME E HELP ast C IMHURTINGDE AD MELP ME tHELP ME groups. In tHELP ME LEASE IMHUR LP DEAD EMELP DEAD NG_I'M HURTING PLEASE I CANT MEr PLEASE HELP LAST "ICANT LAST" MUCH LONGER PLEASE HELPl ASE HELP PLEASE HEEASE HELP DEAD ed List in a PLEASE HELP HELP ME MEDEAD IM HURTING MUCH LONGERMHRTNG HELP ME IMHURTING PLEASE PLEASE ICANTUSER HELP PLEASE HELP I CANTLAST MUCH LONGER PLEASE MING IMI CANT LAST I CANTLAST MUCH LONGER IMHURTING HELP ME DEADAS HEELP ME HURT- MUCH LONGERPLEASE HELP PLEASE HELPHELP ME ING CANTLASTD EAD MHURTING HELP MHURTING PLEASE HELP IMHURTING HELP ME I'M HURTING DEAD I CANT LAST MUCH LONGERD EAD PLEASEPLEASE HELP HELMEPLEASE HELP DEAD ING I CANTLAST MUCH LONGER I CANT LAST PLEASE HELPMUCH LONGER I'M HURTING.AHELP ME ELP ME I'MHURTING HELP MHIRINGER PLEASE HELPMHURTING PLEASEME PLEASE HELP I'M HURTINGATST MUCLONGER PLEASE HELP E HELP IMHURTING IMHURTING PME I CANT LAST PLEASE MUCH LONGER HELP. HELP ME I CANT LAST PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP HELPLINEDEADWEHELP MEPLEASE HELP HELP ME PLEASE! CANTLAST MUCH LONGER!CANT LAST DE AD PLEASE HELP HELP MUCH LONGER HELP ME MUCH LONGER PLEASE HELP HELP ME IMHURTING PLEASEPLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP IM HURTINGHELP I'M HURTING IMHURTING PLEASEHELP ME HELP ME PLEASE HELP DEAD'M HURTING HELPASERTING DEAD IMHURTING PLEASEHELP ME I CANTLAST HELP HELP ME MUPLEASE HELP HELP ME AHELP ME I CANT LAST C MUCH LONGER HELP MEIMHURTING HELP ME IMHURTING PLEASE HELPHELPEASE HELP MUCH LONGER I'M HURTING REGEHE PLEASE HELP IMHURTING PLEASE HELPI CANT LASTI PLEASEICANT LAST MUCH LONGER INGPLEASE MUCH LONGERPLE ASE HELP MEI HELP MEHELP ME PLEASE I'M HURTINGHELP ME PLEASE I'M HURTINGİHELP DEADHELPREAD PLEASE HELP IMHURTINGHELP ME PLEASE HELP I'M HURTINGPLEASE HELP DEADHELP ME DEAD I'M HURTING RELAIM HURTING MUCH LONGER D EAD DEAD HELP ME DEAD MUCH LONGER D EADHELP ME PLEASE HELP HELP ME PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP DEADPLEASE HELP IMHURTING HELP ME I CANT LAST PLEASE DEAD HELP IM HURTING PLEASE HEL PLEASE HELP I'MHURTINGPLEASE I CANT LAST MUCH LONGER DEAD HELEPLEASE PLEASE HELP I'MHURTING IMHURTINGHELP ME HELP ME HELP DEAD PLEASE HELP IMHURTIN HELP ME DEADELP MEIMHURTING HELP ME DEAD HELP ME IM HURTING HELP PLEASE HELP N MHRTING |'M HURTING PLEASE HELP y from local MELP ME HELP ME DEAD'MHURTING HEP MEEL IM HURTING PLEASE IMHURING "PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP IMHURTING VELDNDEAD PHELP ME DEAD PLEASE HELP HELP ME'MDEAD PLEASE HEL I CAN'T LAST MUCH LONGER PLEASE HELP HELP DEAD I'M HURTING HELP ME PLEASE HELP IMHURTING "IM HURTING PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP PLEASE HURTING, HELP HELP ME I CAN'T LAST MUCH LONGER IM HURTING DEAD DEAD PLEASE HELP IMHURTING PLEASE HELP HELP ME I'M HÚRTING IM P'HURT- ING are operating in a very different political, economic, social and ecological world from that when the first IUCN Red Data Book was produced, the IUCN Species Programme, working with the Species Survival Commission and many partners, remains firmly committed to providing the world with the most objective, scientifically-based information. © International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. All over the world, hundreds of animal species are disappear- We can stop it. Get informed on what's going on. SSC ing. Many have already, and many more will in the future. Be proactive. But most of all, just listen. IUCN Soecies Survival Commission

The IUCN List of Threatened Species

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This infographic provides information from the IUCN, the threatened species list and the rate at which they are becoming extinct.




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