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Intro to Energy: A Global Picture

INTRODUCTION TO ENERGY A GLOBAL PICTURE FOSSIL FUELS VISUALCAPITALIST Oil, natural gas, and coal are formed by the breakdown of dead organisms over millions of years 81%. www.UISUALCAPITALIST.COM GAS 6%. RENEWABLES nergyderhedfrom neturaly re Occurring sources; hydro, biomass, biofuel, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and wave. SOLAR / 1.5%. BIOMASS / HYDRO FACT GEOTHERMAL 3.4% HEATING Most of our energy comes from the sun. BIOFUELS WIND/ SOLAR/ Preserved fossil energy, wind, solar, hydro, and waves all originate from the sun's rays. GEOTHERMAL 0.6% o 00 0.7%. POWER Renewables 2011 Global Status Report COMBUSTIBLE RENEWABLES 10% Includes biomass (wood and plant materials), municipal and industrial waste, and biogas that is combusted for energy WORLD POWER CONSUMPTION GEOPOLITICAL FACTORS Howwill emergence of China as superpower and the rise of developing nations influenceaffect energy prices, research, supply and demand? NUCLEAR 3%. POPULATION EXPLOSION 9.2 Billion The world's population is expected to grow by 35% over the next 40 years. How will we meet this increased demand for energy? Nuclear power is energy derived from atomic reactions. 7 Billion THE RISE OF THE GLOBAL 201 2050 MIDOLE CLASS CLIMATE CHANGE Will renewables step up to meet demand? More prosperous consumers Strongappetite for commodities 1.8 BILLION IN 2011 5 BILLION BY 2050 DEMAND FOR ENERGY WILL SPIKE NATURAL GAS-60 years c revolve Infographics COAL – 150 years OIL-40 years WORLD FUEL RESERVES 2160 2130 2100 2070 2040 2010

Intro to Energy: A Global Picture

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A global picture of energy supply, demand, and trends. Breakdown of different types of energy and how the future of energy will be impacted by changes in our population and lacking energy reserves.


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