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Improving Your Energy Efficiency

MEAN, GREEN, EFFICIENCY MACHINE THE BASICS OF IMPROVING YOUR HOME'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY SEAL AIR DUCTS PREVENT LEAKING 3 CHECK FOR CRACKS UPGRADE WINDOWS ADD WEATHER STRIPPING SEAL AIRDUCTS PREVENT LEAKING CHECK FOR CRACKS ADD WEATHER STRIPPING UPGRADE WINDOWS Check for cracks around windows, doors & electrical refrigerator water lines for outlets that are located on Using incense or a smoke stick can help you find smaller cracks Putting weather stripping around doors and windows Check sink, dishwasher and Replacing your single pane windows could mean a 50% leaks or deterioration & replace any items that appear worn / Check water heater for rust, which may indicate a leak can save you 10% on your heating and cooling bill, and prevent energy from being wasted savings on your energy bill an exterior wall Watch where the smoke goes to see if any air is escaping your home 6 INSULATE YOUR HOME 8 REPLACE OLD EQUIPMENT FIND NEW METHODS INSTALL GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM 10 WATER GRASS EFFICIENTLY 8 18 INSULATE YOUR HOME FIND NEW METHODS REPLACE OLD EQUIPMENT INSTALL GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM WATER GRASS EFFICIENTLY Around half of the homes in Household savings from solar panels can average about 50% of your monthly Heaters and furnaces that are out-of-date can use a lot more energy than a Geothermal systems use the Watering your lawn between earth's constant temperature 4 and 10am is ideal. At this to heat and cool your home time, the ground can absorb the optimal level of water before water is wasted due the U.S. are under-insulated energy bill newer model to evaporation from the sun As a rule, the older your The average cost of home is, the more insulation installing solar panels is about $15k; however, a Federal Tax Credit may be available to offset up to 30% of installation costs Heating water accounts for Installation for an average 15-20% of the average heating bill home can cost $30k; however, a Federal Tax Credit may allow homeowners to recoup 30% Test your sprinklers to of that cost it requires Some experts recommend insulating a home 30-40% Today's furnaces are over 25% more efficient than those from the 1980s ensure they are watering your grass and not any more than what local building codes require Saves approximately $1,869 unintended areas annually. It takes just over 10 years to pay for itself CHANGE YOUR DAY TO DAY DON'T TOUCH THE THERMOSTAT! In the winter, heating your house less will save you a substantial In the summer, the optimal temperature to achieve greatest energy efficiency is 78°F. Using standing fans and ceiling fans to cool down is more energy efficient than turning the AC up a notch. amount of money. For every degree below 68°F, you will save 3-5% on your heating bill. Letting more light into your home will help to warm up the house without using any energy. Installing a programmable thermostat can help control how much energy you're using A programmable thermostat will also allow you to save money while you're away from the house, without the hassle of changing the settings every time you leave. This saves up to 10% on energy bills each month. WASH YOUR CLOTHES TURN DOWN YOUR WATER HEATER USE BETTER LIGHT BULBS CHANGE YOUR SHOWERHEAD IN COLO WATER 90% of the energy used by a You can save energy by turning Lighting can account for up to Low-flow showerheads have a washing machine goes towards your water heater down a few 25% of an average home's energy gallon per minute rate of less heating water degrees (110 to 105) and adding bill than 2.5 an insulating wrap Using today's cold water detergents LED lights are becoming a popular There are two kinds - aerating, has proven to be just as effective energy-saving choice, lasting 25-35 which mixes air with the water, as washing clothes in warm water times longer than a standard light making more of a mist, and bulb laminar, which separates the water flow into multiple streams The U.S. Department of Energy Switching to a low-flow showerhead estimates that the adoption of LED can save 15-20 gallons of water lights over the next 20 years will each day - Prevent 40 new power plants from structed - Reduce lighting electricity demand by 33% - Save $40 - $135 per the lifetime of each LED lightbulb HOW ARE YOU STAYING GREEN ? SOURCES money. SheaHomes. cfm lcadure 12014/03/05 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING Popurali

Improving Your Energy Efficiency

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Going green is a great way to save money. Learn how you can improve the efficiency of your home from this infographic.


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