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The Importance of Smoke Ventilation in Buildings

The Importance of Smoke Ventilation In Buildings. This infographic will give you a better understanding of how smoke control systems can protect multi-storey buildings along with the legislative framework behind this. Why is smoke control installed in buildings? In multi-storey buildings, the main escape route is always via common corridors and/or lobbies to protected stairs. Smoke can easily spread through the building, and if a door is simply left open for a short period of time quickly fill a corridor or lobby, making escape difficult för occupants. In taller buildings, the fire services Smoke entering the stairs can also make escape difficult for occupants of higher storeys. need clear access to stairs to form a bridgehead for operations, using a fire fighting shaft which is protected from smoke What are the objectives of Smoke Ventilation? In designing a building, the incorporation of a smoke control system can significantly improve the life safety protection of the building. Smoke Control systems (sometimes known as fire ventilation or smoke vents) come in many forms and range widely in complexity, but their basic objectives are usually the same. One of the main objectives of a smoke control system are to keep the escape routes free from smoke. They also assist the fire fighting operations by creating a smoke free layer. Also crucial to delay and/or prevent flashover, and the subsequent full development of a fire. To reduce the thermal damage to the structural components of the building during a fire. To reduce the smoke and heat caused by the fire and associated hot gases. Smoke Ventilation systems Most large buildings contain sufficient air to sutatin a large fire, so the well known domestic advice to shut all doors in the event of a fire does not apply. The greatest immediate danger to the occupants of a large building in the event of a fire comes from the smoke rather than the heat of the fire itself. Even a relatively small fire can fill in a large building with smoke quickly, to an extent where people leaving the building ćant find the escape routes and can be overcome by inhaling smoke. Smoke Clearance Life Safety Smoke Clearance systems are installed in the corridors and stairwells of hotels, apartment blocks or underground car parks. Life Safety systems are intended to provide a level of protection to people escaping the building. Their purpose is to ventilate the common areas which may become smoke covered following a fire. They're typically installed in shopping centres, large waréhouses and public buildings, but due to the layout of these places, the escape routes are more complex. They are intended to clear the smoke to facilitate access but áre not specifically designed to offer protection to occupants escaping the building. Such systems are designed so that the expected quantity of smoke is vented from the area leaving a layer of clean air below. Escape routes should normally comply with building regulation requirements to facilitate escape before smoke becomes life threatening. Within this clear area, people are able to pass and leave the building unharmed. Where is Smoke Control & Ventilation used? Large factories, warehouses and other storage buildings where exit points show be within 45m of any point in the building. Covered shopping centres or common areas have there own extract systems. Large shops, stores and covered markets. Where there is an atrium in a building. Apartment buildings, especially ones with single star buildings and those three floors or bigger. Where travel distances exceed those in Approved Document B Covered or underground car parks where there is no signific ant ventilation In Prisons. Source: DYER Environmental Controls Limited OHE

The Importance of Smoke Ventilation in Buildings

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This infographic will give you a better understanding of how smoke control systems can protect multi-storey buildings along with the different smoke ventilation systems available and how each are most used.



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