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The Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations

HOW EU AND SOLAR CHARCING STATIONS IMPACT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH IN SEPTEMBER 2012, TESLA MOTORS INTRODUCED SOLAR POWERED CHARGING STATIONS THAT CAN RECHARGE EVS IN ABOUT ONE AND HALF HOURS. THEY PLAN TO HAVE STATIONS RUNNING IN THE ENTIRE US BY 2014. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW THESE EV AND SOLAR CHARGING STATIONS BENEFIT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH. EMISSIONS COMPARED: REGULAR EV STATIONS VS. SOLAR STATIONS VS. GAS STATIONS EVs charged at a regular EV station can emit 35 to 60% less CO2 pollution from electricity than pollution from conventional car (fueled at gas station) 35/ + EVs charged at a solar station emit no pollution Solar chargers are also more sustainable - Can charge without drawing electricity from local grid - Complete fuel independence Reduce likelihood of negative impacts from charging vehicles during periods of peak power demand THE EUOLUTION OF EU STATIONS IN AMERICA NUMBER OF STATIONS NATIONWIDE CLOSE TO 750 2,916 5,000 6,300 8,000 APRIL 2011 AUGUST 2011 END OF 2011 MARCH 2012 AS OF JUNE 2012 PUBLIC CHARGING STATIONS (2,000 IN CALIFORNIA) O- 80 CHARGING STATIONS WHERE CAN EU STATIONS BE FOUND? THE EV PROJECT, FUNDED THROUGH AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT FROM U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, HAS PLACED THEM AT: Walmart >* *Mmacys FredMeyer. bp STATE OF IKEA OREGON sears BEST BUY zipcar. CITY OF SEATTLE TESLA IS GREENING UP CALIFORNIA WALGREENS AIRPORTS TESLA Walgreens Installed in September 2012 Plans to offer EV charging stations at 800 locations JFK -5 charging stations 6 stations located at places like roadside diners, cafes, and shopping centers nationwide Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport - installed in September 2012 -2 charging ports HOW FAR COULD YOU TRAVEL ON ONE CHARGE FROM AN EU STATION? MOST EVS CAN GO ABOUT 100 MILES BEFORE RECHARGING RECHARGE TIME - FULL RECHARGE - 4 TO 8 HOURS - QUICK RECHARGE (TO 80/ CAPACITY) - JUST 30 MINUTES CHARGE 33 TIMES 44444 SEATTLE 4444444444444 PORTLAND 3,300 MILES OR 54 HOURS OF DRIVING PORTLAND NEW YORK CITY LOS ANGELES CHARGE 32 TIMES 44444444 +44444 3,200 MILES OR 51 HOURS OF DRVING CHARGE 28 TIMES 44444444 44444444 MIAMI 2,800 MILES OR 45 HOURS OF DRIVING CREENHOUSE CAS EMISSIONS HOW DOES THIS IMPACT DUR LUNG HEALTH? Vehicle emission are linked to 64,000 FOR A 100-MILE TRIP OF CONVENTIONAL AND premature deaths per year ELECTRIC VEHICLES, WELL-TO-WHEEL CONVENTIONAL 87 LBS CO2 2222222L2222222222 A- 1.000 HYBRID 57 LBS CO2 Car exhaust can damage lungs Heavy exposure to diesel exhaust increases risk of PLUG-IN HYBRID 62 LBS CO2 death from lung cancer ALL-ELECTRIC 54 LBS CO2 WITH NO DIRECT TAIL PIPE) EMISSIONS 3.37 LBS CO2 Workers who are exposed to high level of diesel exhaust have at least a 50% increased lung ALL-ELECTRIC, SOLAR CHARGE: cancer risk Idling emissions can lead to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, and bronchitis HOW COULD EU STATIONS AND SOLAR EU STATIONS ALSO SAVE OUR WALLETS? Over lifetime of vehicle: Save nearly $13,000 on fuel costs Use 6,100 fewer gallons of gasoline Energy efficient Convert about 59-62% of electrical energy to power at wheels Gasoline vehicles only convert 17-21% of energy stored in gasoline Require less maintenance THE FUTURE IS BRICHT FOR EUS Daily power demanded by EVs for recharging estimated to be relatively small percentage (0.4 to 8%) of overall daily power demand Also will improve security of energy supply Greater use of EVs will have positive impact on human health and the environment, particularly in urban areas - EVs may result in a 20% reduction in global emissions of CO2 by 2030 -- if 1 in 4 cars on the road are EVs SOURCES hittp//www.shorytioschet.contowrodmesors pd http/www.a.ohewsessnmerto sor venice charging ct shoet.pd htipdarchhaigednno.oom ttp:/www.LOotorecasts hitpowww.oocom/Eloctio Veice Chargng Statons.ntm etpwww.thcovpecjoct.oom ttpi/ .tsamotors.cosorcanger ttp:/ ecte_veiclo carginaatiors.pp 1twww o ty rip:/www.lconomy.goviogovtech.shens Lufter/eww o ehic ctricossons php http://www.cancer.govnewscontnowstroc2012/DesoMeenPress oe http// woelochovehick http://www.bmudoerglstvmcctygnera ormatondoc/4315 pho http/www.covery.goAbou/Paoos/The Acsox ttp/eriory.gotosprodos/odgows/documontsUS-CH ict SotDoctric Vehcles.pd tt oh.coopro/20120 t01-ctricehicks http://www.uca.o nvehicessmart tinsportation moutona.asp te.cosmisonadcharong-cost ric.can.hene ationinonnarchynowstp203a1.pd tt.chn/touture d18

The Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations

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There are more benefits to driving a solar charged vehicle than meets the eye. These vehicles are starting to look more and more like the vehicle of the future. While some may like the sheer look of t...


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