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The Impact of Air Travel

THE IMPACT OF AIR TRAVEL The greenhouse gas emissions from air travel pose a significant threat to air quality and environmental health. 1.Zbillion 731million airline passengers predicted in 20322 airline passengers in 2011 (an increase of about 64%) In a single roundtrip flight from SFO to JFK, an airplane produces 500 tons of CO2. 500 19 DEC 31 19 tons of CO, produced by a single American in one year. 460 ILLNו PEOPLE FLEW FOR BUSINESS IN 2012. and business air travel is expected to grow by 7.2% in 2014 alone. Global warming 5% caused by air travel. Air travel volume is going up faster than gains in fuel efficiency. Aviation emissions will rise 63-88% by 2020.' That's a lot of carbon. Carbon Disclosure Project, the world's largest publisher on corporate climate change information 1 תימש In 2013, CDP first requested comprehensive Scope 3 reporting. 8. CDP RESPONDENTS WHO REPORTED Measuring indirect emissions from corporate contributions like travel and outsourcing. AIR TRAVEL EMISSIONS Increasingly, companies are being held accountable for these emissions. Businesses can take steps to mitigate the impact of business travel and Scope 3 emissions: Re-think the need Technologies like video conferencing can reduce the need to travel. CO2 Offset your travel footprint Certified carbon offsets in the form of Verified Emission Reductions can be an important addition to your emission management portfolio. Carbon offsets counterbalance air travel emissions by reducing or eliminating emissions generated elsewhere. Methane capture New technologies allow us to capture and flare dangerous methane gas from agricultural and landfill emissions. The resulting energy produced can be used to re-fuel operations. Carbon sequestration via forestry CO2 CO2 CO2 Co2 CO2 Trees are an incredible source of carbon sink. Planting or protecting forests can help reduce carbon emissions. Fuel switching By using cleaner types of fuels, emissions are reduced and air quality is improved. Purchasing carbon offsets for business travel can help move companies toward carbon neutrality, reduce the impact of travel on climate change, and improve air quality for everyone. renewable choice ENERG Y To learn more, visit REFERENCES 1 safest-year-for-airlines-globally-since-1945.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 2 aerospace_forecasts/2012-2032/media/2012%20FAA%20Aerospace%20Forecast.pdf 3 sunday-review 4 _March_2013.pdf 5 carbon-sin-air-travel.html?_r=1& 6 7 8 and this is predicted to incre. dramatically

The Impact of Air Travel

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Air travel is on the rise, and so are associated greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more!


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