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Hurting from Hurricanes - Disaster Recovery Infographic

HURTINGEROM HURRICANES AMERICA'S YEARLY PLIGHT Every year, natural disasters disrupt the lives and homes of millions of individuals in the United States. Hurricanes are especially devastating as they destroy a vast area along the coastline, often spanning several states. Over the past 25 years, the East and Gulf Coasts have suffered a great deal from destructive hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean. Let's take a look at how hurricanes impact our lives. MONETARY IMPACT Damage to property, homes and medical expenses amount to billions of dollars in relief efforts: Businesses, after a hurricane: Sooy CLOSED 40% 25% 90% WE'RE NEVER REOPEN FAIL WITHIN 1 YEAR FAIL WITHIN 2 YEARS ANDREW KATRINA WILMA IKE SANDY $26.5 BILLION August 1992 Areas Affected: South East FL, $29.4 BILLION October 2005 $125 BILLION August 2005 Areas Affected: $37.5 BILLION September 2008 Areas Affected: TX, LA, MS $71.4 BILLION October 2012 Areas Affected: Areas Affected: LA, MS, AL, FL TX, LA, MS South East LA South East FL 1992 1997 2002 2007 2012 1833 500K DEATHS DISPLACED 1800 - 500000 - FAMILIES 1440 400000 Hurricane Katrina had the single biggest impact, displacing 1.5 Million residents 1040 - 300000 - 680 - 200000- 340 100000 - 66 63 103 122 22K 7.5K 2K 3.5K TOTAL EXPENSE OF THESE 5 HURRICANES: $289,800,000,000 WHICH COULD: Feed 25,252,789 Purchase Provide a 4- year college American families 930,314 homes education for for a year 1,810,625 students With millions of survivors displaced, countless day-to-day items such as food, diapers, toiletries, and clothing are needed not only while they are in shelters and transitional housing, but until they are fully recovered. PEOPLE LOVE TO GIVE In 2012, in a push for disaster relief during Hurricane Katrina, 234 foundations raised $64,934,771 DONATIONS 80% of all donations occur within the first 6 weeks after a disaster, $3 out of $5 went to human service needs yet the rebuilding period is often the most expensive. related to disasters. IMMEDIATE RELIEF FIRST 6 WEEKS REBUILDING PERIOD AFTER 6 WEEKS A lack of sustained giving impedes and delays the recovery of affected communities. LONG TERM NEEDS Relief funds pay to fix damge to: o Housing o Public Facilities o Infrastructure IMMEDIATE NEEDS Relief funds pay for: o Search and Rescue o Electrical Power o Food and Water o Shelter o Basic Living Supplies SOAP RECOVERY & RELIEF: THE ROLE OF NONPROFITS EVACUATION SHELTERS HOT MEALS & SNACKS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DONATIONS o Emergency Assistance o Food & Shelter o Physical & Mental Health Services o Long-Term Case Management o Long-Term Emotional Support o Long-Term Rebuilding DIRECT ASSISTANCE CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES o Develop perso recovery plans o Financial assistance The purchse of goods such as: o Groceries o Clothing o Diapers o Necessities DISASTER RECOVERY 360 There are many ways to donate after a disaster strikes. Good360's DisasterRecovery360 online platform connects companies, nonprofits, and individuals to ensure that critically needed goods are delivered to the right people at the right time following a disaster and until the affected communities are fully recovered. DisasterRecovery360 will: Enable nonprofits on the ground to publish their real-time product needs so companies can quickly learn how they can help disaster Provide transparency to all donors, so they can better understand how donations are helping and who is being helped. Expedite the recovery of communities thanks to Ensure fewer donations end up in landfills. timely fulfillment of needs. relief efforts. With a more efficient relief and recovery system in place, natural disaster victims will benefit from immediate receipt of donations from well-intentioned donors. Although we cannot prevent disasters from occurring, we can work together, so that affected communities are better prepared and more empowered to get the help they need. SOURCES Good360 ANDREW KATRINA WILMA IKE SANDY ANDREW KATRINA WILMA IKE SANDY

Hurting from Hurricanes - Disaster Recovery Infographic

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There is nothing that can stop a hurricane. Depending on the size and intensity, these storms can be powerful enough to lift vehicles and topple buildings. Residents are often evacuated from regions w...


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