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How Sustainability Can Help Your Wardrobe Pollute Less

THE WORLD OF SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: SLOW DOWN FAST FASHION Sustainable brands are creating fashion that's healthy for people and planet STYLE ALTERNATIVES THAT ARE GOOD FOR THE EARTH Sunglasses 95% of plastic is used only Sunglass frames can be made once but it takes 400+ of 100% recycled post years to decompose consumer waste Jeans Repurposed denim uses 0 gallons 900 gallons of water is used to make a pair of jeans Cotton 81% fewer 25% of the world's agrochemicals & 49% pesticides are used in less water are used to cotton fields farm organic cotton Dyes 17-20% of industrial Natural dyes from water pollution comes from plants have been used synthetic textile dyes throughout human history Research shows that shopping creates a tug-of-war between the pleasure of buying & the pain of paying According to a 2008 study from Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon FAST FASHION THRIVES ON LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS CHEAP AND SPEEDY TRENDS CREATE CONSUMER TENSION Outsourced production = Creates a "throw away" New products are released multiple consumer mentality in order to stay on trend more clothes for less $ times a week FASHION IS THE 2ND HIGHEST POLLUTING INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD BEHIND OIL 82 pounds of textile waste Around 80 billion new are produced per person in the US pieces of clothing are purchased worldwide per year THAT'S 11 MILLION 400% MORE THÂN 2 POUNDS A YEAR! DECADES AGO! Leftovers are 2014: Average US household spent $1,786 thrown away or sold to flood on apparel & accessories markets in developing countries = $250 BILLION TOTAL YOU CAN GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS WITH HIGH QUALITY, SUSTAINABLE FASHION GLASSES LEAD THE WAY IN ECO ENTERPRISE Bamboo Reclaimed Wood Sea Plastic 2013: Wooden eyewear Bamboo glasses provide a sustainable, high quality natural product Glasses can be made features in the top 5 global from recovered & recycled high-density polyethylene ocean plastics eyewear fashion trends Wood grain allows for personal pieces to stand out as More durable than 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year untempered steel works of art Among the fastest growing "Twice recycled" sunglasses 10% of the ocean's plastic plants in the world can re-use wood that has debris comes from discarded been reclaimed previously fishing nets 1-5 ft. of growth a year Recycled nets can be sourced from fishing 50% of wood reclaimed for renovation projects gets discarded in the manufacturing process ports before entering the ocean's ecosystem WHAT ARE YOUR ACCESSORIES DOING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE? Sources: FRAMESDIRECT COM premiu m e ye w e ar DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING 1

How Sustainability Can Help Your Wardrobe Pollute Less

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 02
Sustainable fashion isn't on most people's radars these days, though it really should be. Would it surprise you to learn fashion is the second leading polluter behind oil?


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