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How to Offset The Environmental Impact of Your Car

OFFSET YOUR CARBON IMPACT TODAY BLUEdot register You love your car. ..and our environment. Most Americans are concerned about our environment and want to make changes to better our world: BLUEdot register allows you to offset your car's embodied footprint plus 1 year's exhaust, making it carbon neutral. Your purchase will be fighting global climate change by supporting alternative energy projects that don't happen without you. BLUEdot offsets are third party certified CO? reductions equal to your emissions. BLUEdot register ABOUT %24 What's more: the cost of your offset investment can be offset as well! cup of coffee LEARN MORE... BLUEdot sponsors reward participants with member's only discounts for a full year, which may make this cost neutral for you! a month on the other side SAVE THE PLANET! WE'LL SAVE YOU MONEY. 1000-1800 1800-1850 1850-1875 1875-1900 1900-1925 1925-2000 Our use of fossil fuels puts CO² into our atmosphere faster than the natural cycle can process. The impact: a buildup of CO² leading to climate change. total ifecycle 78 Now you see the CO2 issue, exhaust CO embodied CO 68 what can YOU do? 10 mfons mTons 97% 51 exhaust CO embodied CO of climatologist agree 39 12 mTons mTons According to the AAAS: "Global climate change caused by human activities is occurring now, and otal cycde embodied CO 29 13 exhaust CO it is a growing threat to society" 16 mTons CARBON OFFSET! mTons WHAT IS A CARBON FOOTPRINT JUST HOW MUCH IS 78 mTons of CO2? SAME VOLUME AS 3,600 is the CO2 emission from your activities, and from the energy spent making the things you buy (embodied). It is a measure of environmental impact in metric tons. How you'll make a difference: BUY BLUEdot ADULT ELEPHANTS carbon offsets SAME VOLUME AS 4,600 they fund projects removing CO? from our atmosphere equal to your impact. MIDSIZE SEDANS Your CO? emission balanced by CO2 reductions YOU make happen! SAME VOLUME AS 2205 13.8 1,485,000 cubic feet STATUES OF LIBERTIES mTons Ibs BLUEdot register offsets fund a wide range of clean energy projects throughout the US: You support the Earth funding projects reducing CO2 with BLUEdot offsets.... making your car's impact carbon neutral. Our sponsors support you with savings for places you visit regularly...which may make this cost neutral for you! Your exclusive BLUEdot Discounts will be easy to use on our mobile app as well as on-line account. You'll save at over 230,000 national and local retailers, restaurants, event venues, vacation locations, and other businesses. BLUEdot register You SAVE THE PLANET! WE'LL SAVE YOU MONEY. Visit our website to learn more! A few of the thousands of BLUEdot Discount sponsors assembled: O jiffy lube ACE NY WYNDHAM amc BLUEdot Register is a program of paleBLUEdot, a Minnesota LLC HOTEL GROUP

How to Offset The Environmental Impact of Your Car

shared by BLUEdotRegister on Dec 30
How much of a greenhouse gas impact does your car have? Learn how much greenhouse atmosphere your car creates and how you can make up for those emissions by making your car purchase carbon neutral. ...


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