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How to measure CO2 and build ownership

HOW TO MEASURE CO, AND BUILD OWNERSHIP? MEASURING CO, ALL ALONG THE PRODUCTION CHAIN IS A LEVER OF ENGAGEMENT FOR ALL EMPLOYEES, THUS LEADING TO TRANSFORMATION. There are 2 ways of measuring CO2. One is based on the activities of specific sites (GHG protocol). The other one is based on the life cycle analysis (PAS2050). THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO LOOK AT DANONE'S CARBON FOOT PRINT of given product |GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas) ENERGY CONSUMPTION PAS 2050 LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS GHG Protocol is an activity based methodology which consists of measuring scope 1 emissions (gas, fuel, coal) and scope 2 emissions (energy bought to suppliers). This methodology has been widespread as the most popular way to calculate carbon emissions. Nevertheless, emissions measured represent only a very limited part of total product emissions, as it leaves aside many other sources of CO2 which 11 Product Business Unit MILL AILI. AILL LACTRICTY к вал кил. FUEL FUEL FUEL are not contemplated by this norm, at least for the time being. Manufacturing (energy) PAS 2050 is a product-based methodology: the calculation is centered on a specific product. The idea is to analyze its life cycle and to allocate emissions to each part of it (raw materi- als, packaging, production, logistics, end of life, retail storage and home usage). This methodology's advantage is that it gives a very precise idea of the origin of the emissions, thus allowing to put in place specific reduction plans and establishing direct responsibility of employ- ees all along the operations chain. This is a much more comprehensive measure in that it includes more emissions sources than the activity based methodology or GHG Protocol. Danone has so far concentrated its efforts in measuring emissions following the life cycle analysis approach, as it believes this is the best tool to drive business transformation, enrolling all danoners in the CO2 reduction plans. Never- theless, Danone actively works on the implemen- tation of GHG protocole at Corporate level, which will be in place by early 2012. Raw materials Packaging Manufacturing Logistic (energy) 4 Logistic Retail and home End of life Σ Danone believes these two approaches will evolve and eventually attend full convergence in the future. 2 MILLION TONNES OF Co, 250eR GRAMS OF CO, FOR ONE PRODUCT 14 MILLION TONNES OF Co, NORMS ALLOWING US TO CERTIFY THE TOTAL CARBON FOOT PRINT OF ALL DANONE PRODUCTS FOR THEIR WHOLE UE CYCLE DO NOT YET EXIST LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS IS INTERESTING BECAUSE IT ALLOWS EVERY EMPLOYEE TO ACT AT THEIR LEVEL PAS 2050 14 MILION MILLION TONNES OF CO, end of life GHG PROTOCOL MILLION TONNES OF CO, 12 % logistie retail and home 18 % 49 % 13 % manufacturing raw materials packaging YWWW July 2011 - product by down to Earth

How to measure CO2 and build ownership

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Measuring CO2 all along the production chain is a lever of engagement for all employees, thus leading to transformation.


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