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How Green Is Your State?

HOW GREEN IS YOUR STATE? RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION BY STATE ΚΕY: 0-20% 21-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100% МЕ, 100 WA. 92.3 NH, 30.2 -RI, 100 MA, 42.7 OR. ND, 8.1 VT, 32.1 MN, 66.5 99.8 ID, 100 SD. 93.8 NY, 44.8 МТ, 10.9 wi, 57.5 NV. 94.7 IA, 91.7 DE, 100- MI, 25 ст, 13 NE, 61.1 wv, ,95 WY, 0.3 PA, 4.4 -NJ, 5.9 OH, MD, IN. MO, IL, 43.3 1.5 15.8 9.2 12.1 CA 24.4 UT. 1.2 VA, 10.5 CO, 3.1 KS, 11.2 TN, 35.2 NC, 25.7 SC. GA, 16 36.4 OK, AZ, 15.5 AR, 12 NM, 1.4 AL. 16.2 TX, 2.6 MS. 11.7 LA, 1.5 AK, 0.8 HI, 100 * Numbers above represent state-by-state energy production. State-by-state consumption numbers will vary due to interstate flows of electricity. THE TEN GREENEST STATES Maine is able to produce more wind energy than the rest of New England combined. #1 MAINE Because of Rhode Island's commitment to solar energy, jobs in the solar energy sector grew by 62% in 2013. #2 RHODE ISLAND While Idaho's main renewable energy source currently is hydroelectric, most of the state also sufficient #3 IDAHO geothermal energy resources for electricity production. Delaware's renewable portfolio standard requires electricity suppliers to generate 25% of electricity from renewable energy resources, with at least 3.5% from photovoltaics, by June 2025-May 2026. # 4 DELAWARE Hawaii's primary source of renewable energy is biomass, followed by solar and wind, respectively. #5 HAWAII In 2014, 73% of Oregon's net generated electricity was generated from hydroelectric plants and other renewable energy resources. #6 OREGON Despite 90% of Nevada's energy being imported, it is ranked second in the nation for geothermal energy potential. #7 NEVADA It is estimated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that 88% of South Dakota's land area is suitable for the development of wind power resources. #8 SQUTH DAKOTA Washington is the nation's hydroelectric leader, producing 30% of the U.S's hydro power. It also is home to the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia #9 WASHINGTON River, the largest single producer of hydroelectric power in the country. In 2013, 27% of lowa's energy was produced by wind power, and it was ranked third among all states in the production of non-hydroelectric renewable energy. #10 TOWA Sources: OLIVET NAZARENE UNIVERSITY FL, 40.1

How Green Is Your State?

shared by kolson1985 on Nov 22
Think you live in a green state? Check out this infographic map that shows each state's ranking in terms of how green they are. We determined these rankings by looking at a state's renewable energy pr...


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