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How The Earth Will Fare With Unfettered Fossil Fuel Use And Population Growth

STATE OF THE EARTH IN 50 YEARS Will the Millennial generation be leaving behind a livable world for their children and future generations? Finite Planet Finite Resources Infinite Population Growth? FALSE Global Population Swells Through the Centuries 12 10 8 From 1950-2010 population increased 2X ЭХ 4 IN THE USA GLOBALLY 1798 1968 2015 2030 2050 2100 Population by billions Past Future Though Earth's population continues to expand, overpopulation is not what's threatening the world as we know it- IT'S OUR EVER GROWING RATE OF CONSUMPTION! BUT HOW MUCH ARE WE CONSUMING? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture In 2011, THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CONSUMED ALMOST We're #1! 1 TON OF FOOD We're #1! THAT'S 1996 POUNDS OF FOOD/YEAR In 1950 138 POUNDS PER PERSON ANNUALLY In 2000 195 POUNDS PER PERSON ANNUALLY Total US meat consumption is escalating THE TOP OF THE GARBAGE PILE Average American's trash consumption 4.40 POUNDS 254 MILLION TONS OF TRASH/YEAR 1.51 POUNDS RECYCLED/COMPOSTED PER PERSON EVERY DAY AND THE END OF THE DIPSTICK 34.3% RECYCLING RATE THE US ONLY HAS <5% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION Yet, the United States burns 87 MILLION TONS OF TRASH 25% OF THE WORLD'S FOSSIL FUEL RESOURCES IS RECYCLED/COMPOSTED ANNUALLY 25% 26% 27% COAL OIL NATURAL GAS By 2050, if the large scale consumption of the Earth's wealthiest countries was replicated in just 50% of the global population OUR CLIMATE, WATER SUPPLY, AIR QUALITY, FORESTS, BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, E HUMAN HEALTH COULD TAKE A CATASTROPHIC DOWNTURN The State of the Earth in the 21st Century 35 By 2100 without rapid fossil fuel reduction Oceans SEA-LEVEL RISE THE EARTH COULD FACE 30 Rapid fossil fuel consumption is kicking Earth's glacial melt into overdrive 14-32 ft. 25 As Earth's climate gradually becomes warmer, of sea level rise SEA LEVEL RISE ACCELÉRATES EACH YEAR 20 15 How could this rise affect major cities? In the U.S. alone an estimated 13,670 sq. mi. could be destroyed/severely affected 10 London, New York, and Shanghai are at risk of being SURMERGEN by rising sea levels OCEAN ACIDIFICATION Rising CO, levels are creating chemical imbalance in oceans By 2100 oceans will be more acidic than they have been in the past 20 MILLION YEARS Slows growth of coral reefs, poisons coastal ecosystems, and kills fish EARTH'S BIGGEST DUMPSTER 80% Across the oceans there are 46,000 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Located off the coast of California of oceanic pollution enters water through land runoff pieces of plastic per square mile FLOATING MASS OF PLASTIC THE SIZE OF TEXAS that contains 1/3 of the oceans' plastic BY 2050, THERE WILL BE MORE PLASTIC IN THE OCEAN THAN FISH Every year, The 6th Great Extinction RAINFOREST DEFORESTATION 18 MILLION Destroying our lungs and medicine cabinet acres of forest are destroyed 70% of land animals and plants are found in forests CONTRIBUTING 6-12% OF ANNUAL CO2 EMISSIONS 50% of the world's rainforests have already been At this rate in 2060, an India-sized-forest will be wiped off the planet cut down PLANTS AND ANIMALS The Largest Die Off Since the Dinosaurs went Extinct SINCE THE YEAR 38% 1900, of all plants and animals are currently under threat of extinction 469 species of vertebrates have gone extinct Buldog rat (Christmas Island) The last record dates from 1903. ABOUT 75% OF ALL SPECIES could be dead within several generations if current rates continue FISH Since 1960 90% 63% The First Ones to Go Bottoms Up of the ocean's apex predators have been killed of fish populations are currently considered to be overfished eg, great white sharks, marlins, and killer whales For reference, these are the jaws of Carcharodon megalodon WITHOUT IMPROVEMENTS THE WORLD'S FISHERIES WILL COLLAPSE BY 2046 FORECASTING THE FUTURE: What Can We Do for a Brighter Environmental Legacy? Tackling Deforestation FOOD FORESTS REFORESTING PROJECTS China: 32 million acres Growing number of cities are planting food forests near of forest have been planted since 2008 dense populations Additional Provides free access to local food and helps prevent climbing temperatures 2,800 miles of forest is being planted across North and Northwest China Pakistan: $300 million project to reforest Northwest Pakistan and provide work for unemployed 1 BILLION TREES BY 2018 Combating Food Resources and Shortages SKY GARDENS By 2050, 70% Vegetation "Farmscrapers" of people are projected to live in urban areas designed to filter out pollutants and retain CO, will cover skyscrapers and other city dwellings will make it much simpler to eat local as pesticide-free crops will be produced year round © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4,0 COMMUNITY GARDEN SPACES Common community spaces will be dedicated to food production Shorter transportation demands mean less fuel consumption and carbon waste Photo via Plastic Pollution Problems THE OCEAN CLEANUP PROJECT Largest organized cleanup in global history First feasible technological method to remove plastic from oceans Predicted to remove 42% OF THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH IN JUST 10 YEARS! Sources: usda gov/factbook/chapter2.pdf 797/china-is-building-a-great-wall-of-trees-to-fight-climate-change-and-the-encroaching-gobi-desert of_recently_extinct_mammals world Presented by final.pdf DEVELOPED BY esa Population_2015 _Wallchart.pdf NOWSOURCING User:Cjacobs627 / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

How The Earth Will Fare With Unfettered Fossil Fuel Use And Population Growth

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The use of fossil fuels, the consumption of goods, and the unlimited growth of the population worldwide is leading us into a potential disaster of epic proportions. Learn more from this infographic!


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