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How does your garden grow?

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN Grow? THE GREEN GARDEN GUIDE How green is your garden? Our garden guide shows the small changes you can make to really up the environmental ante in your outdoor space. COMPOSTING ************ * Increases There are many benefits of using water retention, compost In your garden. Compost which prevents natural water sources becoming contaminated with chemicals. Contains a wide range of nutrients, some Makes an of which are not existing soil found in artificial easier to fertilisers. work with. Invites bacteria to the soil, which Helps neutralise acid and alkaline then breaks down soils, providing a balanced pH organics into raw nutrients for the level. plants. Many people use a compost bin to turn their kitchen and garden waste Into useful, Compress nutrlent-rich compost. Bins made using the soil recycled plastic are a great optlon, although down. you can also bulld your own. To do so: Attach planks or wire netting to the posts 4x4" to create an enclosure. Make sure one side is detachable so the Hammer compost can be four 4-inch by 4-inch posts into easily accessed. the ground to create an enclosed area of about 1sqm. 1 sqm There are certaln composting dos and don'ts. Here's the things you should and shouldn't be putting In your bin: NITROGEN-RICH CARBON-RICH Grass cuttings Torn up cardboard YOU SHOULD INCLUDE THESE Prunings Newspaper Waste paper Frult and veg waste Old flowers Tea bags Paper bags Straw Coffee • Dry bins should be moistened with water. • When your bin is full, the materials will start to decompose. During this process, the pile will heat up. After a few weeks, it will cool down– at this point, you should use a fork to mix up the contents. Each layer should be around 30cm deep. Repeat at regular intervals. • If you do not tend to your bin, it can take up to a year to fully decompose. The Always place woody materials at the bottom of the heap, as this warmer and wetter the conditions, and the more frequently you turn the heap, the quicker the compost will form. improves air circulation. Diseased plats YOU SHOULD NOT INCLUDE THESE Meat and flsh Dalry Cooked food Coal ash Cat and dog litter Including diseased plants in your compost bin can spread DIsposable napples Perennlal weeds diseases through the compost, so should be avoided. RECYCLING ............ ................ Composting Isn't the only type of recycllng you can do In your garden. The following tips willl help you go green In your outdoor space: LOLLIPOP STICKS POP BOTTLES KETCHUP BOTTLES Simply write the name of the vegetable or plant on them and use as handy Empty litre bottles can be cut in half and placed over the top of smaller plants and seedlings to protect them from bad weather. Use empty bottles to water seedlings and smaller plants that may become damaged by the hose. plant markers. Beer BEER CRATES YOGHURT POTS CHIPPED CROCKERY The individual dividers are They're the perfect size Instead of throwing great for starting off seeds. Simply plant a seed in each of the sections. for planting seeds - just make sure they can drain adequately. chipped plates out, why not try using them as plant saucers. RAIN WATER GREY WATER it is estimated that Domestic waste water 24,000-litres of can also be used in your garden. Water from washing dishes and baths rain water could be collected from a roof each year. can be used to water plants, as long as it does not include any harmful residues. Grey water should not be stored, as Water butts are great for doing so - choose one with a tap to make the water easy to this can lead to harmful access. bacteria developing. GROW YOUR OWN Select an Growing your own frult and vegetables Is a great way to reduce the cost of your weekly food shop and do your blt area of your garden away from other plants that receives at least 5 hours' of sunshine for the environment. There's plenty to each day. be grown – here's how you do It. Dig over your patch to break up the soil, making sure you dig down to at least the depth of one spade. Remove any weeds VEGETABLE PATCH and stones. Add compost to the patch to Improve • For soil that is predominantly clay, add the quality of the soil. For shallow soil, you horticultural grit to break the soil down. can add compost to increase the depth. • For sandy soil, add lots of compost or manure. It's important to leave enough space around each row of your vegetable patch so the plants can grow properly. COURGETTES SALAD LEAVES CARROTS BEANS leave leave leave leave 20cm 35cm 45cm 75cm+ ONIONS CARROTS WHEN TO SOW WHEN TO SOW January or February Between February & July WHERE TO SOw WHERE TO SOW A sunny, well-drained area Light, sandy soil WHEN TO HARVEST ............ August WHEN TO HARVEST........... Roughly 16 weeks after planting ! Your onions are ready to harvest ! Harvest your carrots in the evening when the leaves turn yellow and die. to avoid attracting carrot flies. BROAD BEANS LETTUCE WHEN TO SOW WHEN TO SOW .... October or November Between March & September WHERE TO SOW........... WHERE TO SOW ..... A sunny, well-drained area A partially shaded spot WHEN TO HARVEST WHEN TO HARVEST May Once a firm head has formed ! Pods can be picked once ! Soil should be kept slightly moist. they are three inches long. TOMATOES POTATOES WHEN TO SOW.. Late February or March WHEN TO CHIT January or February WHERE TO SOW...... WHEN TO PLANT A warm spot with regular sun Late March or April WHEN TO HARVEST ....... Between June and September. WHEN TO HARVEST ........ Once the frult is fully coloured ! Place tomatoes in a drawer next to ! For best results, grow your banana to encourage ripening. potatoes in sunny conditions. "To chit is to cause a potato to sprout by placing It in a cool light place. SOURCES ce/patch.shtml growingonionst.shtml courtesy of creative commons

How does your garden grow?

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How green in your garden? Our garden guide shows the small changes you can make to really up the environmental ante in your outdoor space.


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