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How do Asia's poor get water?

ASIA'S POOR THE COST OF PIPED WATER ACROSS THE REGION PIPED WATER US$172 This is what it costs to install a water pipe in Manila. Equivalent to more than 3 years' worth of vended water, it is a heavy investment for people living on a day-to-day subsistence basis. (for a 5-person household that uses about 7,500 litres a month) Rapid population growth in In urban Philippines, only 60% of the population have piped water. Water companies are reluctant to supply to slums, because the act of doing so may "legalise" the informal settlements. ! urban Asian cities have placed severe pressure on water companies. Estimates reveal non-revenue water losses of about 50-65%, due to unauthorised consumption, inacuurate metering or pipe leakages. How do they get water? Singapore US$6.98 UN Water estimates a person needs at least 50 litres of safe freshwater a day. VENDED WATER Those who cannot afford piped water often turn to small-scale private providers. In 2003, they supplied water to 44% of the population in Jakarta, at a much higher cost. Bangkok US$2.40 NATURAL SOURCES Cities in Southeast Asia use Sabah US$2.25 different models to price water for household consumption. The Drinking Cooking Cleaning Rivers, lakes and wells represent a key state of Sabah in Malaysia adopts a flat rate scheme, while cities like Singapore, Manila, source of water in Southeast Asia. However, Manila they are threatened by pollution due to a US$1.56 lack of wastewater treatment and massive Phnom Penh, Vientiane and leakages into the water table. Phnom Penh US$1.42 Penang price their water according to blocks. Jakarta (very poor) Debates on sustainable cost US$0.83 5 drums of water, which can last a person for 20 days, can cost up to US$3 in Manila. The same amount of water from a pipe would cost about US$0.20. recovery and marginal cost pricing are ongoing and it is unclear which system is superior or better for the poor ! Penang US$0.53 15 TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PIPED WATER There is little regulation and no guarantee of the water quality. in Asia. Vientiane 122 MILLION CUBIC METRES OF URINE A YEAR MILLION TONS 13 BILLION CUBIC METRES OF GREYWATER A YEAR US$O 38 OF FAECES A YEAR In 2007, only 7% of the population About 40% of the population in urban Cambodia are forced to practice open defecation due to lack in Manila are connected to a Sourcas ASIAN TRENDS MONITORING sewerage system. of access to basic sanitation. UNSGAB (2000) Singapore International Water Vek - "Sustainable Cites, Infrastructure and Tectnologies for Water". Rarieved December 3,2011 from han UN Water (2011). Statiatics: Grapha & Maps. Retriaved Fabruary 2, 2012 fro san haul.

How do Asia's poor get water?

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What are the costs of getting water in Asia cities, and how do the poor afford them?


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