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How Clean Do You Think You Are?

How Clean Do You Think You Are? Hand Hygiene Habits That Will Shock You Who Doesn't Always Wash Their Hands After Using a Public Bathroom? Us 1 in 4 Women 2 in 5 Men More than 4 in 5 3 in 5 People have seen someone leave a public bathroom without washing their hands. People only rinse their hands with water & skip cleansing with soap. Avoiding Germs in Public Bathrooms More than 3 in 5 people operate the toilet flusher with their foot. 3 in 5 people use a paper towel when touching the bathroom door. 1in 2 people open and close the door with their hip. More than 1 in 3 people use a paper towel when touching faucet handles. 2 in 5 people use elbows to avoid all contact. Source: Bradley Corporation, Health Hand Washing Survey How to Wash Your Hands The 12 Step Checklist World Health ┬┤Organization Cleaning Agents: Soap & Water. Duration: 40 - 60 Seconds. 3 Apply soap to cover all of the surfaces of your hands. Move your right hand over your left hand with interlaced Wet your hands with water. Rub your hands, palm to palm. fingers, and vice versa. 6. 8. The backs of your fingers should be matched to your opposing palms with your fingers interlocked. Rotationally rub your left thumb in your clasped right hand and vice Ensure your hands are palm to palm and your fingers are interlaced. Continue rotational rubbing backwards and forwards with your clasped fingers of your right hand in your left palm and vice versa. versa. (10 11 (12) Rinse your hands with Dry your hands thoroughly with a single use towel. Use the towel to turn off the faucet. Your hands are now washed correctly. water. References: PSP_2009.07 eng.pdf?ua=1 CS Cleanscape

How Clean Do You Think You Are?

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Hand Hygiene Habits That Will Shock You and Motivate you to Live a Clean and a healthy Life.




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