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Household Recycling in the UK

pure planet recycling FACTSADILING RECYCLING Find out how much we recycled from homes in the UK for 2013-14 2013-2014 Total waste from households amounted to: 21.6 million tonnes 44.2% 403kg of waste from households was Down 2% гecycled. on 2012 50% the EU has set a target of recycling at least 50% of household waste by 2020 The 'waste from households' recycling rate in England 2010 to 2014 500 30 10 2010 2011 2012 2013 Year 2020 EU recycling target Waste from households recyc... Composition of waste from households dry recycling 2013-2014 Paper and Card (42%) Glass (19%) Other Material (18%) WEEE & Other Scrap Metals (8%) Textiles (2%) Plastic (7%) Metals (4%) MA 00000 REDUCE RECYCLING "Reduce" means using fewer resources in the first place. Recycling is the "R" that has caught on the best. 3R REUSE Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. WHY WE SHOULD- RECYCLE If placed in a landfill this is how long these common items would take to decompose PAPER 2-4 WEEKS TO DÉCOMPOSE ALUMINIUM CANS 80-200 YEARS! TO DECOMPOSE GLASS DOES NOT .. DĒCOMPOSE! PLAŞTIC BOTTLES 450 ΥEARS TO DECOMPOSE Sources: Oper person 20 Percentage

Household Recycling in the UK

shared by pureplanetrecycling on Dec 30
We all know we should recycle but how much recycling actually happens in the UK? Details of how much waste is recycled in the UK from householders. Detailing volume, composition and the target the EU ...


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