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Household Energy Use in the USA

HOUSEHOLD ENERGYUSE HOW WE USE ENERGY 31% industrial 28% transportation 22% residential 19% commercial ENERGY CONSUMPTION PER HOME COST OF HOME ENERGY $2,595 cer house NUMBER OF $2.037 per houe $1981 per house HOMES $1580 per houe ENERGY RISING USE PER HOME IS FALLING national average $2,024 TOTAL PRIMARY ENERGY USED TO PROVIDE THE ANNUAL ELECTRICITY FOR AN AVERAGE U.S. HOUSEHOLD... 128 Btu 37% ELECTRICITY USE BILLION 40.4 QUADRILLION Btu 117 MILLION HOMES The veroge poenger So e o eru ve ron vehcenroughu the some o the tetol priry enrg needed c e n he US upe ou bkon u per WHAT WE USE ENERGY ON IN OUR HOMES 1978 2005 e provide dcy for Air Appliances & Electronics Water Space Heating Conditioning Heating 66% 17%) 14% 41% (31%) 8% JI. 20% THE IMPACT OF LARGER HOMES Over 50 mion US homes have three on e televisions. NEWSFLACH Homes built since 1990 are on average 27% larger than homes built in earlier decades. d is important since energy use increases with the size of the hor home. Luckily, this increase in home size has also come with more officiency. Larger, more modern, homes tend to have better insulation, more efficient windows etc. and this moderates the effects of increasing home size. average square footage 2,500 SqFt 2,200 SqFt 1,900 SqFt 1,600 Sqft 2000's 1990's 1980's 1970's USE OF ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS In 2009, 58 percent of housing units had energy efficient, multi pane windows, up from 36% in the 1993 survey. 1993 = 22% 2009 = 58% CALCULATE YOUR HOUSEHOLD ENERGY USE If you want to calculate the total amount of energy you use you can take the gallons of gasoline consumed by your car, the amount of natural gas and other fuels that heat your home, and the kilowatthours of electricity to run your lights and appliances and convert them all to Btu equivalents, using the conversion rates below. Then you can add up the different pieces to get a total amount in common units. NEWSFUASH The US. Energ ion Rdniristrto Uses the Bretsh therma uk u os es comon energu une. DIESEL OLINA ELE TRI MATURAL GASO HE 1 GALLON = 139,000 Btu 1 KILOWATTHOUR (kWh) - 3,412 Btu 1 CUBIC FOOT (ft3)= 1,025 Btu 1 GALLON = 124,000 Btu 1 GALLON = 139,000 Btu 1 CUBIC FOOT (ft3)= 0.01 therms Data Source: U.S. EIA Residenial Energy Consumplon Survey (RECS) Design by west midwest

Household Energy Use in the USA

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household energy use statistics for the USA. Created for GreenBusinessWatch blog.


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