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Honda Smart Home US

HSHUS Honda Smart Home US Honda Smart Home US showcases innovative technologies that enable zero net energy living and transportation. The home will function as a living laboratory where Honda will evaluate new opportunities at the intersection of housing, transportation, energy and the environment. #HondaSmartHome Regular Home The difference of 13.3« 15.9 megawatt hours CONSUMED SOLAR ENERGY megawatt-hours НOME ELECTRIC VEHICLE «O» HEMSX is enough electricity to power a Fit EV for nearly 55,000 miles. Over a year Home Energy Management System EXPERIMENTAL HSHUS sends 2.6 KO» 00 megawatt hours of electricity BACK TO THE GRID This is in ADDITION to the 11,680 carbon-free miles already provided by the Honda Smart Home ELECTRIC GRID BATTERY Passive Solar Design Sustainable FSC-Certified Lumber Solar Array Adaptive Circadian LED Lighting Fit EV with Direct Solar Charging Xeriscaping HEMSX Home Energy Management System EXPERIMENTAL Icl C Low Carbon Concrete Honda Smart Home App 3O Stationary Energy Storage 1:27 PM HONDA 74° %3D | Radiant Geothermal Heating & Cooling Grid Solar Home Ballery Til EV AA 725 91% Feeding Generating Cansuming Charging 1.21 kw Charging 5.00w 9.01 kw 1.60kw 1.20kw Total Consumplion Rain Garden 7.80 kw off yrid 100 ECO Mode ON OFF Welcome to Honda Smart Home US. There are no alerts at this time. Cneray ritcV Climate Windows Lights HEMSX Home Energy Management System (HEMS) Home Energy Management System At the center of the home of the future is HEMS, monitoring all energy input, sending energy where it's needed, and keeping the home comfortable and the Honda Fit EV charged and ready for use. HEMS automatically monitors, controls and optimizes the flow of energy and enables home-to-grid (H2G) connectivity. EXPERIMENTAL Stationary Energy Storage A 10kWh battery in the garage allows stored solar energy to be used at night, when household demand typically peaks and electric vehicles are usually charged. It can store 1,500 times more energy than a new smartphone. Fit EV with Direct Solar Charging The Honda Fit EV accepts DC power directly from the home's solar panels or stationary battery, eliminating up to half of the energy that is typically lost to heat during DC-to-AC and AC-to-DC power conversion. At full solar capacity, it charges in two hours from sunlight. Honda Smart Home App The home of the future wouldn't be complete without a tablet-based control system. In addition to controlling all of the Honda Smart Home's systems, the tablet app developed for the Honda Smart Home captures the precise flow of energy in real time. Honda Smart Home Facts & Figures /3 Honda Smart Home's advanced HVAC system is achieves more than 11 TONS OF CO, REDUCTION per year compared to a conventional home and vehicle the water a conventional home uses more energy efficient than a conventional home 1/3 of a home's water is used in the garden 96% The home surpasses California's 2020 of construction waste was recycled net zero energy residential target we use greywater recycled from the home HSHUS HONDA BLUE SKIES FOR The Power of Dreams OUR CHILDREN Honda Smart Home US #HondaSmartHome Visit for more information SOURCE: Emissions calculations based on data from US EPA.

Honda Smart Home US

shared by kikikarpus on Mar 26
This infographic was created to illustrate the many highlights of the Honda Smart Home, which was created in partnership with UC Davis. Sustainable and high-tech, Honda Smart Home US will be a showcas...


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