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Holiday Power Consumption

The Cost of Christmas Holiday Power Consumplion No one ever said that Christmas is cheap, but just how much money are you spending on your Christmas lights? The answer lies in which types of bulbs you are using! Golden Shine investigates which bulbs (incandescent or LED) will influence your energy bill the most so you can save money this year--no matter how festive you get! LED Lights de. Incandescent Lights No burn out factor Bulbs burn out Rated 50,000 - 200,00 hours Rated for 3,000 hours Uses 80-90% less energy usage than incandescent Uses 80-90% more energy than LEDS Unbreakable bulbs with plastic construction Easily broken glass bulbs Color is emitted through diodes, remaining vibrant through the life of the bulb Color is created through painted glass which can fade, chip and crack Prelamed strings are water tight single piece construction since bulbs do not need to be replaced Prelamped strings have removable bulbs since lamps burn out often Durable bulbs are easier to store Bulbs are easily damaged in storage Extremely low wattage Higher wattage then LED The cost to power an incandescent bulb can be up to 90x greater than pwering an LED bulb Always cool to the touch 3 [guels of Festide Consumplion: Which Are Vou? Typical Light Usage Cost LED Incandescent 96 watts 635 watts $1.63/season $10.78/season Children's eyes light up when they pass your house. When comparing outdoor decorations, the typical light user will use 1 to 3 wreaths, a garland, and a total of approximately 10 strings to wrap their outdoor trees. Electrical usage is minimal. Typical Heavy Usage Cost LED Incandescent 903 watts 6,799 watts $15.32/season $115.26/season Other homeowners in the neighborhood strive to be at your level each season. The heavy user is one who has more area to cover and lines everything with C9 lights. They may choose to wrap all of the trees in their yard, outline the rooftop and/or walkways and driveways, and have a few decorations such as wreaths and walkway trees. Typical Enthusiastic Usage Cost LED Incandescent 2,369 watts $40.15/season 18,332 watts $310.73/season If cars line up outside your house to watch your display, you are classified as "enthusiastic." The enthusiastic user lines their roof, yard, and driveway as well as wrapping all of their trees. They add lights to every inch of their house and create such spectacular sights as light show trees. They fill spaces in the yard with motifs and walkaway tress, oftentimes animated to the sound of music. Types of hristmas Lights C9 LED Incandescent G40 Larger Outdoor trees and shes Linig rooflines or walkways Incandescent Parties Parties Retro Designs 7/8" wide 1 1/2" bulb height Weddings Small trees or bushes Fair or circus lights Icicle Bulbs LED 40 mm diameter 2 1/8" tall Rooflines Porches Outcoor trees Indoor trees 7" - 24" length 5mm Wide Angle LED Parties Ambient lighting G12 Razzberry Christmas trees LED 5mm length Flicker Flame Parties Incandescent Small trees or bushes Candles 12mm diameter 7/8" diameter More Ways to Save Frergy This Season There are additional ways to reduce energy consumption each season: Timers Extension cords Control how long and what time your lights turn on and off. In less visible areas, use extension cords instead of using extra light strings to add length to your display. Switch to LED Get help! This is especially useful if additional sources of power need to be considered for illuminating large amounts of incandescent lights. A day spent battling tangled lights on the roof can bring out the Scrooge in just about anyone. Hire a professional Christmas light installer like Golden Shine and deck the halls with ease! SOURCES: Golden Shine desgined by BRIM AGENCY

Holiday Power Consumption

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No one ever said that Christmas is cheap, but just how much money are you spending on your Christmas lights? The answer lies in which types of bulbs you are using! Golden Shine investigates which bulb...


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