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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

OG the gulf of mexico oil spil NEXT GENERATION The oil spil in the Gulf of Mexico is now 80 miles across and the size of Jamaica, and according to new reports is five times worse than first thought, leaking around 5000 barrels into the sea, as opposed to the 1000 barrels first eotimated. 5,000 barrels a day 1,000 barrels a day Estimate Actual 5 times as much oil is being released into the ocean than previously expected 69 response vessels are currently being used in the clean-up operation 30,000 m of boom has already been assigned 87,000 m of additional boom is available 97,000 m of extra boom has been ordered That's almost 3.5 barrels every minutel 42 x 80 miles Spread of the oil spill 29 April 2010 The ol spill is almost the size of Jamaica what are the options? Burn it Contain it Skimmers Use dispersants Ignite the oil while it is floating on the surface After the oil has been contained, Contain the spill with booms and stop the spread caused by currents and wind vacuum-like machines and oil absorbant materials can be used to soak up and collect the oil Chemical dispersants act by reducing the surface tension that stops oil and water from miing which increases the speed at which the oil will dilute Biodegradation Relief Well Leave it (not recommended) A relief well is driled to relieve the pressure of a well producing without restraint and to redirect the flow of the Introducing biological agents can break If there is no possibility of the pollution of coastal regions the ol can be left to break down naturally. Wind, sun and currents will rapidy disperse most oil. down the ol into harmless substances such as fatty acids and C02. This will only work if the oil has reached land. oil. how much is it going to cost? $6 million $200 million $700 million $100 million BP's daily spending on the cleanup operation Cost to drill the relief well Estimated total deanup cost The cost to replace the Deepwater Horizon in comparison... It not stopped, in just over 50 days. the Gulf of Mexico disaster will overtake the devastation of the Exon Valdez spill 11 million gallons spilled Exxon Valdez disaster, 1989 230,000 gallons a day Gulf of Mexico spil (Sources: The Guardian, BBC News, University of Delaware Sea Grant Program) (Graphic by T Farrant I Twitter atallenblossom)

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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This infographic shows the ecological and health consequences which were result of the oil spill. Millions of organisms died in the spill among them birds, sea turtles and other creatures. This infogr...


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