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Groundwater: An Endangered Resource

GROUNDWATER: AN ENDANGERED RESOURCE The region is using Great Lakes groundwater faster than but for our families, wildlife and the future. We can all nature can replenish it. We all have a responsibility to take steps now to protect our groundwater resources and protect and conserve our waters - not for a single interest, help keep the Great Lakes healthy forever. GROUNDWATER THREATS HYDROLOGIC CYCLE A PAVEMENT Our groundwater is "recharged" by rain and snow melt soaking down into the earth. Storm sewers and the paving associated with urban growth divert water from important recharge zones. D IRRIGATION Water used for irrigating crops or watering suburban lawns not only draws on the groundwater supply, it can carry chemicals back to pollute the groundwater source. Condensation Evaporation Precipitătion Transpiration E OVER CONSUMPTION Over consumption and misuse of water in the home and garden is the single greatest threat to our groundwater supply. B RUN-OFF The chemicals, oils and animal waste found on Surface Run-Off our farms, suburban yards and urban streets pollute our groundwater when rain and snow melt carry them into the system. Groundwater F LOSS OF HABITAT Groundwater helps maintain our lakes, rivers and wetlands providing important wildlife Groundwater is an important part of the habitat and waters for recreation. Open green hydrologic cycle because it relies on spaces, from unspoiled forests to soccer precipitation soaking into the ground to fields, also provide "recharge zones" for maintain our lakes, rivers and wetlands C WELLS Whether private or public, wells tap the groundwater for human consumption. Bigger wells for cities and bottling plants draw more groundwater and can actually reverse the flow, pulling water from a broad area. groundwater. all year long. City Intake в అ B GREAT LAKE Wetlands A City A Discharge Well Power Plant Intake City Well City Well Recharge Recharge Discharge Groundwater Source: Biodiversity Project / Graphic: ©

Groundwater: An Endangered Resource

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Biodiversity Project, a national advocate for biodiversity, approached Funnel Incorporated to help them educate the media and key target audiences about the interconnectivity of groundwater and the v...


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