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GreenHab the Office

GreenHab the Office Cut the Carbon Footprint of Your Office Buildings account for 39% of U.S. CO2 CO2 emissions If half of new commercial buildings were built to use 50% less energy, it CO2 CO2 C02 70% CO2 CO2 CO2 would save more than 6 million metric tons of C02 =| million annually Buildings – both commercial and residential – consume 70% of the = 100k cars electricity load in the U.S. That's the same as removing more than I million cars from U.S. streets each year With both the Roughly U.S. population 15 million new and the economy buildings will be constructed by 2015 expected to grow 60% Switching to energy efficient equipment, implementing insulation, and choosing more efficient methods of lighting can reduce emissions for offices by at least 60% Trim Down Emissions That's 3.7 billion hours and 23 billion gallons of gas wasted annually = | billion That's enough to fill more than 348,000 Olympic size swimming pools American workers spend 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic = 58,000 EXPLORE OTHER OPTIONS: Carpool with a coworker or set up a company carpooling schedule Invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle Take public 大 Walk Bike transit GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS 500 400 Calculations include fuel production, infrastructure, maintenance, manufacturing, and operation 300 200 100 Walking Bicycling Sedan SUV 33 33 382 446 TOTAL Use Paper Efficiently The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year Choose printers and photo copiers with double-sided printing Save misprints or one-sided prints for note paper = 1,000 30% Purchase paper and envelopes with at least 30% postconsumer recycled content processed and colored in an eco-friendly way Encourage recycling in the workplace with clearly-labeled recycling stations DON'T FORGET TO RECYCLE PRINTER AND TONER CARTRIDGES 60% 80% Find a supplier who offers rewards and discounts for doing the right thing, such as Quill's ink and toner 60-80% of all used toner cartridges end up in land fills where it takes roughly 1000 years to fully decompose recycle program Recycling I00,000 print cartridges saves: 9599 kilograms of aluminum 40 1,000,000 tons of liters of oil plastic GO DIGITAL wwww Store files on Review and share Publish newsletters Scan important Convert office bills to computers or tablets documents online electronically documents then e-payments to avoid instead of in folders rather than print them recycle the paper copy paper statements or cabinets The average office worker uses around 500 disposable cups each year Make the switch to reusable mugs, cups, and dishware De-Energize and Conserve ENERGY USE FOR OFFICE BUILDINGS 30% 9% Lighting Cooling 25% 9% Heating Water Heating 16% 11% Office Equipment Other *Average energy consumption information for U.S. office buildings Turn lights off in bathrooms, Shut down all computers when leaving the office and set them to energy-saving mode so they sleep closets, and conference when not in use rooms when not in use Use power strips for Devices can draw Set up sleep mode for copiers and printers printers, computers, and power, called vampire scanners, then shut them off at the end of the day power, even when turned off Switch to Energy Star rated light bulbs and fixtures. They last for up to 10 years and use 75% less energy An Energy Star qualified LED will last on average 25 years. Much longer than other bulbs! ener 2½ CFLS LED (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) or *Assumes bulbs are on for 3 hours a day. 25 INCANDESCENTS Recycle bulbs at your local hardware store or Choose energy efficient appliances for energthl light bulb retailer when they no longer work the break room Make sure to close and lock windows before When not in use, unplug small appliances using air conditioning or heat like coffee makers and toasters WATER SAVINGS WITH A LOW-FLOW FLUSHER Replacing a 7 gallon per flush toilet Replacing a 5 gallon per flush toilet Replacing a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet can save can save can save 5.4 gallons per flush, 3.4 gallons per flush, 1.9 gallons per flush, or or or 77% 68% 54% *Based on pre-1980 models Switch to toilet tissue made from 100% recycled paper Monitor faucets frequently to catch leaks early on And avoid bleached varieties. The chlorine used to white many toilet paper brands can pollute air and water Green the Clean Routine STICK TO REUSABLE OR RECYCLED CLEANING TOOLS Sponges Keep harmful toxins out of your office and the environment by choosing mild, more natural cleaning products Towels Microfiber cleaning cloths Look for biodegradable cleaners sourced from Recycled paper towels (look for plants and minerals and labeled as safe for unbleached and chlorine-free towels septic tanks made of 100% recovered materials) Buy products in bulk to reduce shipping and packaging waste The average person works 7.6 hours a day. With so much time spent on the job, it's a good idea to remind employees to practice a green lifestyle in and outside of the office. SOURCES Designed by Ghergich & Co. BROUGHT TO YOU BY A small part of your job is 100% of ours. === =

GreenHab the Office

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You may be in the process of adopting more eco-friendly practices at home, but have you taken a good glance at where you spend the majority of your waking time? Office buildings are a huge energy and ...




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