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Green Energy Innovation: From the Crowd

ENERGY INNOVATION FROM THE CROWD Ideas BIG and small need support. Crowdfunding sites like KickStarter and Indiegogo enable just about anyone indiegogo with an idea to reach potential investors with a into the concept and some incentive for support. KICK STARTER CHECK OUT THESE INVENTORS USING CROWDFUNDING TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE WITH GREEN TECH! wattio Because smart thermostats are so 2012. A new way to track and compare energy usage Patxi Echeveste, Founder and CEO Turns energy conservation into an engaging competition amongst friends and neighbors Fun Fact: Wattio can also manage your home security system and even help you care for your aging loved ones. Its fall detector and motion sensor add-ons can help keep your home safe and sound. wattio 16:24:35 Alarma es 14de enero de 2013 San sebastian wattio 724.1 wattio wattie SOCCKET. Kick'n it off the grid. Energy harnessing soccer ball Uncharted Play Turns kinetic energy into electrical energy! "Thirty minutes of play can power a simple LED lamp for 3 hours." - Kickstarter Page unchartedplay LIFX The first 21st Century light bulb. Wi-Fi enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb Phil Bosua, Andrew Birt, Andy Gelme, John Bosua, Ben Hamey, Dave Evans & Guy King Control your lights via Wi-Fi from your smartphone Fun Fact: LIFX lets you change the color of your lights with the music or your mood! MASTER GRAVITY LIGHT Lighting the weigh. The first gravity-powered light therefore Product Design Consultants Cheap, effective lighting available to everyone okg "The crowdfunding campaign has been excellent in raising awareness." - Jim Fullalove, Director/Co-Founder A new spin on effective renewable energy. VELKESS A new way to store energy for later use Bill Gray, CEO of Velkess More effective and cheaper than batteries, Velkess could revolutionize green energy Fun Fact: The operational Velkess prototype can store 1/2 kWh of electricity. Crowdfunding will help build one with 30 times the capacity! VELKESS VELKE SS NAUTICAL TORQUE An outsider's take on renewable energy. A new way to harness energy from the up and down motion of tides Galen Maloney is now at the helm of his dad Cahill's dream If successful, Nautical Torque could bring low-cost energy to the world "Crowdfunding is like a magical little weapon that we little guys from the outside can use to smash these barriers and crash the, what is in reality, very elite innovation party." - Galen Maloney POWERED BY ENERGYSAVINGS.COM The simple way to search for energy savings. RESOURCES Wattio: Soccket: LIFX: Gravity Light: Velkess: Nautical Torque: GOAL $16,000 GOAL $54,000 GOAL $55,000 GOAL $100,000 GOAL $75,000 GOAL $90,000 RAISED $4,710 RAISED $56,162 RAISED $399,590 RAISED $1,314,542 RAISED $92,296 RAISED $92,915 AS OF 4/12/2013(12 DAYS LEFT)

Green Energy Innovation: From the Crowd

shared by keithpatterson711 on Apr 24
In today’s world, more and more people are becoming concerned with the environment – some to the point of dedicating their lives to trying to come up with innovative solutions to the world’s pro...




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