The Grand CO2 Debate

EMISSIONS IN 2010 In 2010, India emitted 20 times less CHINA US INDIA CO2 per capita than Qatar which is 600 times less populous. Rank 1/192 Rank 2/192 Rank 3/192 8,241 M tonnes 5,272 M tonnes 2,070 M tonnes THE GRAND CO2 DEBATE OATAR US CHINA INDIA Rank 1/192 Rank 10/192 Rank 69/192 Rank 123/192 36.82 tonnes 18.06 tonnes 6.15 tonnes 1.76 tonnes HISTORICAL DEBT FROM 1850-2007 Developing nations like India and China may have taken the blame since the past decade. But that does Once emitted, 27% of CO2 remains up there after 10O years, 17% after 500 years, and 14% after 1000 years. US CHINA INDIA not remove the very obvious trend that total carbon footprints are much higher in the developed world. Rank 1/187 Rank 2/187 Rank 3/187 339,174 M tonnes 105,915 M tonnes 28,824 M tonnes The US alone has contributed about 29% to the world's CO2 emissions since 1850. LUXEMBORG US CHINA INDIA Total emissions in million tonnes Rank 1/187 Rank 3/187 Rank 86/187 Rank 120/187 Per capita emissions in tonnes 1,356.38 tonnes 1,097.47 tonnes 79.14 tonnes 24.62 tonnes EMISSIONS FROM CONSUMPTION MINUS EXPORTS Most CO2 emissions from countries like India and China are a result of producing goods for richer nations. Factor this in and the US emissions rise by about 12%. CHINA US INDIA Rank 1/192 Rank 2/192 Rank 3/192 5,992.9 M tonnes 5.895.3 M tonnes 1,856.5 M tonnes QATAR LUXEMBORG US CHINA INDIA Rank 1/192 Rank 4/192 Rank 9/192 Rank 84/192 Rank 129/192 36.23 tonnes 24.64 tonnes 19 tonnes 4.47 tonnes 1.58 tonnes Sources: Designed by: Pramod Pai, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

The Grand CO2 Debate

shared by pramodpaim on Aug 13
The brief was to visualise any piece of available data on Carbon emissions across the world. I chose to present the story from India's perspective. This is my first infographic as part of the Infor...


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