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Go Green! The Bountiful Benefits of Responsible Recycling

GO GREEN! The Bountiful Benefits of Responsible Recycling The Stats on Trash 75% of waste is recycleable 30% is actually recycled 25-30% of waste in the U.S. is from construction projects TTT 13,000 ft. the amount of lumber used to build an average house = 500 ft # 1,200,000 new homes in the U.S. per year *= 30,000 If you laid out the amount of lumber used to build new homes in the U.3. this year alone, it would stretch 3 million miles- enough to circle the Earth 120 times! 50,000,000 RRRRRaaa homes could be heated for 20 years using the paper and wood thrown away in just one year! ( = 1,000,000 ) 250,000,000 tons of municipal solid waste produced in the U.S. each year 250,000,000. = 2,500,000 tons) Green recycling practices in Responsible Recycling waste management mean many recyclable materials never reach landfill Construction waste is put in the dumpster Construction project is started Dumpster is rented from recycling comparny with recycled materials 3 000 the dumnnpan Recycling company picks up e dumputer and sorts waste distribute are Some common From Recycled to Renewed recyclables and what they are used to make: Wood Plastic Paper • Mulch • Fuel • Furniture • Molding • Buckets •Tissue Paper •Toilet Paper • Boxes • Newspaper Rock Metal Glass • Concrete • Roofing • Furniture • Cans • Cars • Mulch • Fuel • Furniture Sources: Infographic Provided By: www.epa.gowloswnorhazimunicipalpubsimsw_2010_rev_factsheet pof CARDELLAWASTE FOR A GREENER TOMORROW"

Go Green! The Bountiful Benefits of Responsible Recycling

shared by BrittSE on Jan 01
Wood, plastic, paper, rock, and metal are commonly thrown away after a construction project. If they were recycled, though, they could make mulch, fuel, furniture, toilet paper, newspapers, and even r...


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