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Go Green Online File Storage & Sharing presents GO GREEN According to recent projections, 50 TRILLION pages of paper were produced in 2012 and future paper production is estimated to increase at a rate of 2% per year. 44% 41% 25% Paper documents that end up Digital documents that end up keyed into computers. Digital documents printed and then reentered into a printed. computer. RAINFORESTS contain 40% 50% of Earth's oxygen of Earth's species 54,500 ACRES OVER 100 life forms face extinction of rainforest are decimated across the world each day At the current rate of destruction, every rainforest on Earth could disappear in less than 30 years. ши IIII IL I шI POWER USAGE There are an estimated 27.5 million small businesses in the U.S. Today's accepted minimum power usage per square foot is 150 WATTS A small business with 100 deployed PCs requires 5 servers and about 24 sq feet to house them. That's It Takes 3600 WATTS 99,000,000 of electricity for each business, each year, just to cool and house servers. kilowatts of electricity to power servers just for small businesses each year. OFF • SHRED Shred-o-malic PAPER TRAILS The world COMSUMES 300 MILLION tons of paper each year. U.S. percentage of the world's population. U.S. consumption of total paper produced worldwide. Amount of wood cut in the U.S. used for papermaking. 30% 28% According to a report published by the EPA, pulp and paper mills are among the worst polluters to air, water, and land of any industry in the country. PAPER MILLSS Each year, papermaking plants around the world release millions of pounds of highly toxic chemicals into the air and water, including toluene, methanol, chlorine dioxide, hydrochloric acid, and formaldelyde. GOIN9 DI9ital If each office worker transferred just 5 files digitally, the U.S. could save 274,179,500 sheets (32,903 tons) of paper per day, as well as: A 559,351 trees ] 12,503,104 gallons of oil II 98,709 cubic yards of landfill space 131,612,000 kilorwatts of energy 230,321,000 gallons of water Cutting the Clutter: Tackling Information Overload at the Source, Xerox Corporation, pdf

Go Green

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Paper production has grown by 400% over the last 40 years, making it imperative that we reverse this trend to ensure future generations have the natural resources they deserve. How? We can start by re...


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