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The Global Water Crisis

THE GLOBAL WATER CRISIS The Invisible Threat to Humanity's Future Despite the critical role that water has in our everyday lives, few people realize that the world's freshwater supply is facing a major crisis in the near future. With a billion more people to feed by 2025 and increasing industrialization and standards of living, freshwater demand will continue to grow. The Global Supply of Water is Limited Yet Demand for Water Keeps Growing In just 40 years, the world's population has doubled while our use of freshwater has quadrupled 2.5% | 1% 084X of the world's water is freshwater of the world's freshwater is 29% easily accessible for human use of the world's freshwater is The world's population is using 54% of the available fresh water supply underground 54% Developing Countries Developed Countries By 2025, water withdrawals 70% will skyrocket by 50% in developing 50% 18% of the world's freshwater countries and 18% is in ice form or snow in developed countries cover on mountains Breakdown of Freshwater Use By 2025, there will also be 1 billion 70% more mouths to feed, requiring an Irrigation additional 1 trillion cubic meters of water for agriculture alone. 22% = 50 billion Cubic Meters of Water Industry 8% Domestic Use 个个 个 1 This will lead to = 100 million people 1.8 Billion People living with absolute water scarcity 2/3 of the world's population in stress conditions from water shortage Water Touches Everything Agriculture The daily drinking water requirement per person is .5 to 1 gallon of the world's agriculture land uses irrigation 20% and produces 40% of the world's food 40% It takes another 528 to 1321 gallons of water to produce one person's daily food intake 80% of agriculture is rainfed Water is required not just for drinking and farming, but for nearly every other facet of our lives BUT It takes 20-60 Gallons of water to power a single 100-watt light bulb for 10 hours by 2020 it is expected that production from rain-dependant agriculture will decrease Energy 50% It takes 39,090 Gallons of water = 3,000 Gallons Manufacturing to build a new car It takes 441 gallons of water to raise, water, feed and process 1 pound of boneless beef Livestock LB. Where is All the Water Going? Americans use more water per person than almost everywhere else, but the rest of the world is becoming more developed. 600 Annual Water Withdrawals Per Person by Country 606 Cubic Meters a Year = less than 100 = 250 - 500 = 500 - 1000 = 1000+ By 2025, Everyone Will Feel the Impact = severely more = exceptionally = extremely more stressed (2.8-8x) stressed (2-2.8x) more stressed (>8x) The Threats to Humanity Due to Water Shortages ↑ 个个 ↑ ト 个 介 By 2050 almost 1.4 billion people = 100 million people will lack sanitation if demand continues to rise Farming and improper waste treatment would pollute major bodies of water (rivers, ground water, oceans) Concurrently, a lack of freshwater for agriculture will impact the food supply Flooding and droughts may increase as the climate adjusts Political unrest and crime could rise as quality of life declines and trade countries may demur from investing in such unstable economies Wars may result as the situation grows more desperate SOURCES Beef%20and%20Water%20Use.pdf Seametrics

The Global Water Crisis

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This infographic provides important facts about the growing crisis of shrinking freshwater resources around the world.




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